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Moving Blues


By Bri / 8 years ago / In: College , General ,



Hello and good evening loves 🙂
As some of you already know I just moved! Where I was living for the past 20 months was an hour away from my college, so I moved back to my little college town this past Friday. I just gott my cable and internet installed today, and the guy was a real jerk! He unplugged all my game systems & my DVD player, didn’t give me a welcome packet, didn’t plug in my HDMI cord, and didn’t show me how to use the new remote! I was so angry with him…It took him almost 2 hours to install everything too. My roommate wanted cable in her room too, and even though most cable providors allow cable in 2 rooms, he told me we could only have it in the living room. My neighbor helped me hook up my HD after I’d figured out all the other hardware. He said I should call the cabe company and complain so I might not have to pay the installation fee. What a frustrating situation though!

Like I was saying though, I just moved. About 2 weeks before I moved I started getting really sad! I met so many awesome ass people over the past year that I was really sad to leave. The only reason I lived there in the first place was for a boy, but we broke up in October and I couldn’t WAIT to move out of there!! I ended up staying through my lease though, and added another 6 months onto it. I’m actually sad to be gone though, even though I love the town that I’m in now with all my heart!

Some of my friends from my old town came to vist me on Sunday. They said they missed me so much that they wanted to make the trip out. At that point it had only been 2 days! Now they text me and call all the time. At least 2 of my friends are coming out again on Friday to help me beat the part of Marvel Ultimate Alliance that I’m stuck on. I’m eexcited to see them again.

Being in my new town does have advantages though. I actually have a roommate now! (No more member chats in the living room :(). But that means rent is split, bills are split, food is split… Hopefully It’ll be a littemore affordable here. I’ve also seen a couple of my old college buddies already, so a small part of me feels like I never even left.

All in all I’m really happy that I DID have the oppertunity to live in a new place for 20 months. After my ex and I broke up I had a blast while living there. I met a lot of people, made a lot of friends, and did a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. So now I’m just trying to reajust to a “new” territory. I miss seeing the old faces from my past 2 years, but I can’t wait to rekindle my friendships with those I left behind so long go.

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