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Hey gaz


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Soo. I’m drinking coffee and having cereal. I just realized I don’t love cereal, it’s too sweet for breakfast. I hate breakfast foods lately for some reason…Idk why, but they suck. My bath robe smells really strongly like my laundry detergent and I’m feeling like my washing machine sucks and it probably has soapy water still in it and that’s why it smells so much like that…I did just get it out of the dryer though…I dunno bout all that haha. I really need to get my ass in gear like now though.

Instead I’m writing this blog and having coffee…I need to get in the shower and get ready for later which isn’t so much later by this point…well I’ve only been up thirty minutes and I already dragged my ass into the kitchen half asleep to make coffee and cereal haha. I hate when I just wake up because I’m not really awake and everything I do is sloppy or half assed lol. I go pour water in my one cup coffee maker and spill some and don’t mind and just make it anyway and clean it later on when I wake up lol. Then I usually grab something to eat all lazy like and fill the dog’s food and water dishes and open the door so they can go in and out freely.

So hmm I have to take a damn shower and get ready then my friend wants to meet for lunch. I think she’s trying to work her way into going with to orientation without asking me- by trying to meet for lunch right before hand…she’s all interested in that school for aesthetics stuff so maybe she’ll go there…idk but I think she’s gonna try to be with me around the time and then just go right in like heyy I’ll just go with yeah no big deal lol. I mean that’s fine, I don’t mind or anything but if she wants to go that bad she can just ask meee not like I’m gonna say hell no or something haha. Silly sillyyyy. I don’t know if the school will care because it doesn’t say anything about that at all…but yeahhh. I wonder how many younger people will bring a nosy parent or a parent for like comfort purposes hah…should be interesting.

Auughhhhh ok I have to shower now and wake upppppp. Alalalalalaaa god I still feel tired and keep stretching haha…aegh. I ate almost no cereal. Oh well I’m gonna go shower then crank up my radio and get ready to go haha. ttyl. ;DDDD

xox-Mee <3

Like this:

  • Maango

    Crank that radio up bb and dance~

    I get nothing done in the mornings due to my zombiness. 😛

    Woo, time for Jenn to get oriented~

  • ragu

    silly sillyyyyy =P