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By Skyeblue / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Normally I’m not big into reality shows, but for some reason I keep catching myself watching the Hills. It isn’t bad, it just isn’t something I ever pictured myself watching. I love almost every other TV show imaginable… including some incredibly huge chick dramas. I watched the season premier of One Tree Hill tonight. I have to admitt, I loved every second of it. I was pretty confused because I haven’t seen it in about 4 years, so…. I’ve missed a lot.

On an unrelated topic…. I was on my way to pay a bill the other day and I was going over a bridge that involves a toll because the place is in a different city, and the traffic was insane! They have like 3 lanes to pay with cash and then about 5 lanes of quick pay with the transponder thingy. Anyways, I was sitting in line for atleast 5 minutes completely backed up when we finally moved up a few cars. All of the sudden 3 or 4 cars come flying up in the other lanes and go alll the way to the front and try to cut over. I had a long day at work and just wanted to pay this stupid thing and get home and take a hott shower. So these cars are all being let in. A few minutes later another car comes flying up and motions to get in front of me. NO EFFING WAY!!!! So i shake my head no and keep RIGHT on the car in front of me so this jackass can’t get in. The car in front of me moves up and so does he, right next to it. then pushes his way in. I was sooooo pissed. I was laying on my horn, giving him the finger… everything. And the guy was wearing a yankees hat…. really? I would be embarrassed if I were him, they are like 12 behind right now. That made me soooo mad. Seriously, when I got to the place I had to check my car when I got out because he was THAT close to me. He wasn’t stopping comming in front of me. By the time I was all done I had waited almost 15 minutes just sitting there.

Well, tomorrow is another 9-5 day at work, yuck. But I am only working 3 days this week, woohoo!
So, I have this house guest staying with me right now and she is soooo horrible. She was my old college roommate and she called last week and said she needed a place to crash for the night while she was in town because her mom was sick. Her mom is now home and doing better and this girl is STILL here. I don’t want to just kick her out but she has worn out her welcome. I hate house guests that wear out their welcome and just don’t take a hint. Anyways, I won’t be camming much this week until she is gone…. I’m going to try to just smother her until she leaves. If that doesn’t work then I’m just going to have to tell her it’s time to go. I don’t want to be mean or anything… I’m not a mean person EVER. But this is getting ridiculous. Hopefully by this time next week I will have my brand new webcam up and running AND be camming every day!
Keep checking back guys!
<3 Skye

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