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By Lux / 8 years ago / In: General , Humor ,



Hi everyoneeeee.


Well it’s getting colder and colder and it sucks. 

I felt like shit last night, I had hot flashes (no i’m not going through the big M) and I had sore skin, sore spine.. you know those pre flu/cold symptoms when your body just HURTS? So i knew something was coming, now I just have a brutal headache in my forehead region and a sore throat/runny nose, nothing too brutal so hopefully it stays this way. Going out for margaritas and nachos last night probably wasn’t a good call. but when it comes to tequila i am THERE! hehehe


Soooooo the other night i went out to my old bestfriends house (we just rekindled our friendship and i couldn’t be happier) and I left Olive and Seven here in my room.. Usually I lock olive out of my room because when I leave her she pees on the bed as a big F YOU, but Seven gets upset because she’s clingy… sooo i decided to give her another chance and leave them together. 

um big mistake. I should have taken a picture of the aftermath when I came home. not only were the blankets/towels i put on the bed (as pee protection) ripped off and there was a giant puddle of pee on the bare sheet leaking down to the foam pad over the mattress. butt my laundry was all over the place, the contents of my garbage were covering my carpet like a sea of stink and they had ripped open all the subway garbage and there was sauce all over my white couch.. im surprised they didn’t have sore tumtums though because there were lots of jalapenos and onions that i didn’t eat in that subway wrapper lol. they also ripped open their food containers and totally destroyed the tupper ware, they also took all my perfume bottles off the shelf and tried to eat them (tastey huh?) and pulled the plate of candles off my coffee table and scattered them everywhere. i was pretty pissed. and now my 200 dollar foam pad is pee pee fumed.

in other news i’m going to seattle soon for a baseball game which will be so much fun, AND i get to go to VS! wahooo.


i’m going to go take my evil dogs out for a hike now but be sure to come by my mchat on sept 24th to celebrate my one year camwithher-versary!



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