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A Continuation of Jenna’s Blog


By dahlia / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment ,



Haha, so i just saw how Jenna mentioned our little “fun” the other night, and I just have to elaborate.

So a bunch of my girlfriends and I went out for my roommate’s 21st birthday. First, we went to dinner and stuffed our mouths full haha… my roommate got a free margarita and I actually got a free meal thanks to the waiter…hehe 😉 Then we all went out to some local bars for birthday shots and stuff. Because it was her birthday, people kept feeding my roommate shot after shot and lets say she got pretty drunk. Afterwards we went to this club and danced it up for a while. Eventually, my roommate started to feel sick so I took her home. We were literally less than 50 feet from my place when she rolled down the window and started to puke. The only thing was that she had really really bad aim and it went half inside my car and half outside it. Ya…..pretty freakin gross. But what was worse was that the girl in the backseat of my car got some of it in her mouth because of the wind…..ugh…so i think i officially grossed out about anyone who is reading this now… Anyways, I spent the rest of the night cleaning it up but in the morning my car stank! Its like over 100 degrees outside and sunny; I need a fancy carwash asap!!!

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