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Uhh yeahhh


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So- if I didn’t look hideous right now I’d probably make a Vloggylog instead of typing…out of sheer boredom I guess. I haven’t really moved from in front of my computer for umm…almost the whole day today? It’s friday so that is kinda sad. I’m eating fruit snacks and I have orange pop. I’m also kinda hungry…I thought about cooking and decided I’m not doing that haha…then I thought about a cup o noodles…and I was like ehh…that seems void of any nutritional value so…maybe I just won’t eat that either…only thing is- that’s the easiest thing to make and if I don’t want to cook but don’t want to eat that then I guess I’ll starve lmao. That’s when I grabbed the fruit snacks & orange pop…I know…that’s a much better choice lol.

It’s effin weird being at home by myself on a friday night…I guess I’m pretty used to it but shit…I don’t like it much. I could be out doing crap…like talking to random people and things like that, for no reason or any reason ahaha. Hmm. My hair suxz right now. I should be working…I should have been all day but I’m superrrr tired. Meatball fatfats is laying in bed…like always…he thinks he’s a person. I think he thinks he’s me actually…aww he’s cute.

Hmm what else? What did I talk about last blog? I think school and things…Idk though. Well whatever…yeah that’s coming on fastttt. Gosh, I’m tired! I feel like a crack head looking left to right expecting to see something different or someone walk in here but they’re not because no one’s here lol. Except me and the dogs that is. Wtf do I eat?! Everything is something more of a “meal” and I am so notttt spending time cooking or de frosting or fuckin sauteeing or whatever the hell right now. Noooo thanks. Crackys and cheese maybe…or chips and salsa haha…all that shit isn’t real food butttt goddamnit I’m a lazy mofo today all around.

Stupid time of the month makes me tired lazy and bitchy…minus the bitchy because I can be like that at any time really…or should I say irritable? I’m not uptight in any way but I do get irritated with/by people who tend to act fuckin stupid or annoying…Sorryyyy! can’t help it. Unless it’s a friend and they’re joking or whatever but, actually being really dumb…that’s pretty hard to deal with. If you’re a person who misspells almost every word they type- you can not type to me. You could try, but I’ll just get annoyed. Same goes with punctuation while typing. I know I’m not the master of typing, language, or punctuation but shit, at least try to separate what you say into somewhat legible sentences and paragraphs. One continuous run on sentence after another after another that ends up being as long as what would be a couple paragraphs?! That’s pretty maddening to read…I’ll take a look and be like…oh no, hells no- I am not reading this! I can’t read it lol.

Ummkay dunno where that one came from. I’ll be going now. Taaah! :-*

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  • Maango

    Meatball fatfat huh? That’s a new one to me and its cute. 🙂
    Chips and salsa is soooo a meal omg. You got your veggies and your chips.
    The last part is so me. I’m horrible at punctuation especially posting from my phone lol. At least I spell most stuff right though. 😀

  • Maango

    Ohhh and I’d like to see another vlog sometime. 🙂

  • ragu

    impossible for you to ever look hideous <3