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By Gianna. / 8 years ago / In: College , General , Humor



So, school resumed on Monday of this week!  I am also planning a trip home on Sunday to visit my sister, who is having her second baby!!  woot!  Along with that, there are sooo many things going on right now and I feel like it’s absolute chaos in my mind right now!  My classes don’t seem like they will be extremely challenging this semester, but I guess I am feeling overwhelmed because I have been out of school for the summer.  While everything has been hectic this week, I still feel fortunate to be in my shoes and to have wonderful people in my life.  Besides, with every busy day there is a lot to smile and laugh about.

I was walking my dog yesterday afternoon, and I brought her in back of the house.  My new neighbor was outside with some of his friends/colleagues.  I just smiled and waved hello, because I know how friendly they are, and I didn’t want to be rude.  This morning before I left for class I was taking my dog out again, and my neighbor happened to be outside again.  I said hello and he says to me, “You cant walk your dog when my friends are over, you almost gave them heart attacks!”  So, needless to say I freaked out thinking, oh man, is my dog that scary???  But he continues to say, ” We were having a business meeting, and as soon as you came out they were like that is the most beautiful girl we have ever seen!  You live next door to HER?!?!  And after that I couldn’t get them to talk business anymore, they were totally off track”

For some reason, I thought he was talking about my dog, because everyone always comments on how beautiful she is, not cute, but they always say beautiful I never thought they were talking about me until he said the part about living next door to me.  So I started laughing and I asked him if he meant me or my dog, and he said that they were talking about me.  I was kind of embarrassed, and it was a little bit akward because he has a wife and a son, but it was a compliment he wasn’t being creepy or anything.  I have to admit, it kind of made my day, haha!  The part that I really found funny was how I thought he was talking about my dog for a few minutes so I was like oh yeah and I sounded so stuck up until i realized he was talking about me instead!  I was just like, my bad!  I felt like such a beeeech but I really didn’t know what he meant initially.  Talk about a blonde moment…no offense my blonde ladies, just using the expression!  I <3 U! hehe


Until next time….<3 Gianna

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