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Birthdays for August


By Jenna / 8 years ago / In: College , Events , General



It seems like soo many people turned 21 this month including myself.. on CWH and out of my friends here in college. Happy birthday (belated or early) everyone! lol. I had a pretty fun birthday. I went to a pizza parlor with my family first, but i didn’t even get carded! wtf! lol. then we went to two other bars, i wound up getting pretty drunk but it’s hard not to when you start at 3 PM and end at midnight! I wound up waking up with a bad cold the next day, that wasn’t fun. I ended up not having a whole lot of fun last weekend. Oh well. I’m still working on getting over this cold! haha. I also feel sad now because all of my friends are off going to classes and stuff and I’m just here. not going to classes. I have a lot of drama with taxes and a previous job so it’s making it hard for me to do my FAFSA and stuff, and i kinda need that for school. Oh well, this should be resolved by spring semester! Anyhoo, last night was one of my and Dahlia’s friends 21st.. we went to eat first, then we went to bars. I wound up stopping the drinking early, like around midnight because i KNEW i would get sick if i continued.. I ended up fine but i heard our friend threw up in Dahlias car! nooo bueno! I felt bad haha. Hopefully she’ll be ok today ๐Ÿ˜‰ This month seems to by flying by fast! I’m hoping September will be a good month, I’m so ready to work a buuuunch, make a schedule and stuff so i can get promoted! I would looove to be promoted. I’m also excited that my apartment club house is about to open, i need to get back to running! I’m so out of shape it’s ridiculous but that’s ok, i’ll manage. Also, college football season has started, and i’m excited to watch the game tomorrow!! Well, maybe if it does get aired on TV, i’m not watching a game in this kinda heat ever again during the afternoon.. Dahlia andย  I made that huge mistake. i think the heat index was something like 103.. it was terrible! people were passing out everywhere and stuff, we wound up leaving early. Anyways, i need to stop babbling and get back to work!! Check me out on NNC <3333

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  • Courlin(James)

    Jenna Jenna Jenna you want to get rid of that cold drink more tequilla ๐Ÿ˜›