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Oh how the time does fly


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I think I say that every month..cause well these months are zooming by! Which is kinda good and kinda bad…

But yeah everything is pretty much fine and dandy with me. School started so I have to dust up that old brain of mine and prep it for studying and cramming yet again. This will be my third degree Im working on. 😀 I do hope to make some new friends at school. I have an early class so lotsa ppl there arent really in a mood to talk. Im not really in a mood to talk when Im at school either. I just want to learn and thats about it. Im not one to stay after class and chit chat, but if theres something I dont understand then Ill speak to the teacher and probably a student so we can share what we learned. My teacher suggested we study in groups…umm I never liked that and it has never worked for me. Never! Like even group projects I hate doing! But she did point out that when studying in groups one person might know more about a certain topic than you do, which is right. But I dunno..alot of time is wasting chit chatting and also its kinda tough to have everyone schedule synchronized and to find a meeting place. So yeah I just like to study on my own. Plus when I study I like to pace and read it out loud so I dont think being in a group study would be right for me :p

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