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ME :)


By Elise / 8 years ago / In: General ,



     My first mchat the other night was awesome! I’m gonna be honest…. i was so damn scared! lol but after a few minutes i really started to enjoy myself. everyone is so sweet and it was so nice to get to meet some of yall i hadnt met before. Hopefully I’ll see yall in pchats. oh and just so ya know im trying to change my schedule around. see my moma has been staying with us at my place cause shes working over here now and in order for her to sleep in my room i have to working during the day. so i decided that sunday-thursday ill be doing chats during the day maybe from like 1:00-4:00eastern time…. sometimes earlier. and then friday and saturday ill be doing my usual chats til like 3:30am. that way i can get to the day timers and night owls lol

     I’ve been trying to be healthier these past few weeks. im sooo bad at dieting and exercising…. thats horrible i know lol im so lazy haha but ive been doing pretty good. and chatting during the day allows me to workout when i get home from school so thats good. I cant wait til i graduate so my evenings are free for dance class! ive been just dying to dance… i even tried dancing in my living room haha that didnt work out too well. its way too small… i can barely turn. dancing is really how i release stress and express myself. its usually the sad depressing feelings lol but i think those make the best dances….. and songs. theres so much passion in them. but ya i think ive been a real bitch because i dont know how else to express all that lol my poor friends haha

      Today in class one of the girls gave me a microdermabrasion treatment. its basically skin resurfacing. the machine shoots out these tiny crystals and then sucks them back up. the friction of gliding it across ur face gives the exfoliation. ive given them before but damn lol i dont like to recieve it much. i mean it was the girls first time doing it so she may not have been the best at it lol but my face feels so sensitive right now. im sure ill like the results of it though. well its getting late so i should show and get in bed here soon. thats all for now 🙂 night! <3

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