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By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



How’s it been goin blog readers?!?

I’ve been a bit busy as of late- trying to get prepared for starting school…taking care of annoying last minute details etc. Still got some things to do this week in preparation but besides that all’s good I guess. I’m a little stressed with things but that’s to be expected because things never go smoothly for *me* haha. ugh.

I’m hoping I’ll stumble onto a forgotten 20$ bill in a pair or pants or a purse or something so I can manage to get out of the house this weekend loll…I meannn…It’s one of the last weekends I can go out and not worry too much about having school stuff or anything so yeah…Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to finally have school stuff to worry about after having to wait all these years to go and all…But it’s still a change lol…I’m not a “morning” person generally…well, it’s not that I don’t enjoy being up in the morning and feeling like a regular part of the general population being up at an early time and off to do stuff haha…I do but…you know I’m not used to it and haven’t been that way in uhh Idk five years? I’ve always been somewhat nocturnal for the past years and slept till later in the day. ;p Can’t do that now. I’ll be waking up around uhhh 6-7 something & out the door by like 8 am :S crazyyyy.

I have to go hem some pants soon. Like, probably ina few minutes here I guesssss. I gotta get my hair trimmed before I start my classes too…it has to be “styled” every day and I don’t feel like trying to fuck with this length every effin morning lol…mostly just I want the back gone…that’s the longer area of it really. I dyed it back to dark because it was fading out from the dark I already just dyed it recently…and I don’t need another thing to keep up with anyway…plus I missed the darker hair I guess too…and it’s almost autumn now anyhow so whyyy nottt. Bleh. One of my friends wants me to meet her down town on friday…I want to but at the same time it’s a lil bit of a drive…especially by yourself lol :S I hate the toll ways…it’d probably only take like 25 minutes to get there but then you gotta find parking and blahhh such a project! I mean I’ve been to this place before a few times…it’s actually one of my fav. places down there buuut chyaaa haha…we’ll see…if I’m broke by then anyway then I guess I can’t go. I hate telling people I can’t go do things because I’m “broke” it just looks like such a cop out/lame excuse…but I have a good reason & it’s called paying for all this stuff to do with school lol… ;/ Well, we’ll see…maybe I’ll get lucky yet! Find a 20 in a currently unused purse…or on the street outside! hahaha. pathetic.

Ok, I have bad cramps & I’m starving…I’ll write some more another time yo.


Oh snapszs…almost forgot…So here’s my hair now. ;p


Like this:

  • ragu

    love the hair, jenn 🙂

  • Jenn

    Thanks…It was time to go back. I can’t keep up with lightness all the time. I’m sure I’ll change it again in a few months lol.

  • Maango

    Go wrestle a bum for $20~

    So cool you’re going back to school soon. Can’t wait to see what this leads to. 🙂

  • Jenn

    Yeah…I’m excited for it…I hope the effing uniform shirt fits me…appears it doesn’t come in size xs…so that’s fun!

    Anyway- it is cool though, I mean if I could have done it sooner I would have…but I couldn’t…so it’s about time. I mean…that’s what I’ve been working for all these years anyway…trying to hope I could save to pay it myself or whatever…until I heard that once you turn a certain age you’re more likely to get aid…so yeah. Anyway whatever…I’ll have to pay it back myself after…and I’ll still be paying everything else on top of being in school but…at least I can say I did it all myself & owe nothing to anyone which makes me a cool person or something.

  • Jenn

    Well that’s what I was working for other than supporting myself and getting crap I need anyway lol. But yeah you get it…

  • Maango

    Shrink the uniform down haha. 😀

    Its kinda nice to be able to say you did it all yourself. It may be rough but it’ll be fun and rewarding in the end. 🙂

  • Jenn

    Umm it won’t be that fun to struggle with everything I do now then add school on top of it and be trying to do good in that as well…but I’ll manage I’m sure. Hopefully school will be fun…and hopefully I won’t be too stressed out with everything else to enjoy it somewhat…guess we’ll see!