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Bloggity Blog


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , Pictures , Travel



Wow. I really sucked at doing blogs this month. Probably because this month kind of sucked.

We’ll focus on the good stuff though. I went on a little five day trip with my Mom, Sister, Grandmother, and my sisters friend. We stayed at my Grandmothers cabin, and did some shopping, went to the beach, visited a vineyard, and more and more shopping.

I got to go to an antique store, and I found some fun stuff. Including what I call a booze box. I have no idea what the actual term for it is, but it’s a lock box that’s also a music box annnd also has a set of six shot glasses and a pretty bottle for booze. It’s kinda silly, but old and neat. I also found a cute little mermaid figure from Japan, and pretty ceramic cat head things that hang on the wall from 1954. What else. . what else. Oh! And two old hats/head piece things. Very pretty vintage looking hats, not sure what decade they’re actually from.

We also did some shopping and eating, (oy I ate so much junk) in Traverse City and Leland, Michigan. I found some cool Dia De Los Muertos Mexican folk art sorta stuff. I hung it above my kitchen entrance. I don’t spend money often, and I got great deals. So I was really excited.

During my spare time, I worked on a clay sculpture. It was turning out really nice. Unfortunately, it cracked a lot as it dried. I don’t have a lot of experience with self drying clay. I used to use a kiln. I’m going to try to seal the cracks and layer some more clay on it maybe. I don’t know. . .

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any good pics to share. I don’t have a decent digital camera, but I’m going to save for one eventually. I have to figure out what’s affordable and also up to my standards. lol I was spoiled before with what I had. I’ll probably just take some web cam pics of some of the stuff I bought.

Anway, I had a really great time. I missed my pets so much. My Dad stayed home, so he took care of them. They were really happy to be back home with me. I felt bad leaving my newly adopted kitty Keoki when he just settled in, but I think he’s so used to going from place to place that he was just fine. I love my babies.

Hmmm blah. What else? I need a drastic change as far as hair goes. Seems like everyone goes dark in the winter, and although I’m close to my natural color now. . . I don’t like looking like everyone else. So I guess I’ll figure out what I want to do about that soon. Everyone is going dark. Poop.

Also, shout out to a special dude that cheered me up and gave me X-mas in August this month. You know who you are, thank you. Your kind gestures and gifts made me eat sunshine and shoot rainbows out of my butt. <3

Signing off with some pics 4 ju.

Like this:

  • Maango

    rofl eat sunshine and shoot rainbows out your butt
    i’d pay to see that lol

    sounds like your month was busy if nothing else, glad you got a bit of christmas early this year 🙂

  • Violet

    Yeah I guess it was busy for me since I’m typically an antisocial weirdo. 😛

  • Maango

    I know all about antisocial weirdos being one myself. 😛

  • ragu

    purple lady! lol sounds like you had fun on your trip 🙂 christmas in august w00t!

    who’s that gorgeous lady in the pics hmmmm?

  • Violet

    ju know who dat ho be

  • ragu

    are we seeing the same pics? mine eyes must deceive me