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Lazy Days


By Skyeblue / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , Girl Stuff , Rants



So I’ve had a crazy week. My 21st was last monday and I had a great time. Great week actually. I planned to do a lot of camming and a lot less partying, but it didn’t work out that way. Just means I’ll have to cam a lot more in the next few weeks!
I have never really been into the whole reality show thing but I saw a marathon the other day for “The Hills” I swear they canceled that show. I want to know why it is so popular. I watched it, and I guess it can be addictive, but really…. Does everyone else live such boring and uneventful lives that they have to sit home and watch these kinda shows all of the time? I’ll admit, saturday I had a very boring and uneventful day and I was pretty hung over. But, what is the excuse for the rest of the world? I guess she seems nice on TV, they all do. But… what did she do in her life that is so special that she gets to have cameras follow her around all the time? I guess it kinda sucks, no real privacy.
Anyways, thats my rant for the day!
<3 Skye

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