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There’s a squirrel outside on the pine tree…


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



In my front yard.  :p

There’s also a big garage sale across the street.  People keep stopping there haha.  Interesting.

So, let’s recap my night…I feel the need to lol.

Alright so…I was bored…so I calls up my friend and ask if she wants to go out to just relax/have fun but nothing crazy.  We got to the place we were going…not too far from my house actually…like ten mins or so.  I haven’t been there in the summer time so i didn’t know that the whole back area is a huge outdoor beer garden with like…patio tables all out there with cute lights on their umbrellas and like a big ass tiki bar with lights all around it…also they had a free food buffet with burgers hot dogs bratwursts potato salad and other picnic/bbq like stuff.  I guess they have that every thursday as well as drink specials & these beer garden olympics which consist of like…volley ball, bean bags & some other crap i can’t remember haha.

Anyway, the inside is nice too but the outside is the place to be for most of the night until u get drunk later on and move inside to the dance floor lol.  There’s an outdoor dj too…which to my surprise was one of my old friends from a bar I worked at before lol…I was like wtfffff r u doing here?  Soo weird.  Also when we got there this girl at the front was telling me some guy was talking about me outside and I was like eh who is he?  She’s like well I guess he was saying he knows u & ur sister from ur old job (she works at this bar & was there lol)  So anyway he’s like some creepy old guy who’s apparently obsessed or some shit haha…I was like oookay weird I will make sure not to talk to him! haha.

This place is like…all ages of people…well…21 and up but u know it ranges from younger to much older in ppl who go there which’s different than most places I normally would go…because those are usually my age range lol…Oh yeah also I guess this other guy from my old work works there too haha…it’s just so weird to me when  I see people out that I know because my effin city/area or areas I go out at are hugeee…like on my bday when I went out for that…I was totally gonna text my friend and tell her to meet us at the place…but I figured she’d be working so I didn’t…then later when I’m there she just happens to be there with some other friends and I was like wtf!  Then this other person I know who’s a dj at some places down town and my old friend’s ex pops up too and I was just like haha…this is random…how are u guys just here when I am and I don’t go out that often then when I do ur here too…strangeeee lol.  I guess I like seeing ppl I know when I go out though…it’s like a fun coincidence…I mean really big coincidence because I just can’t get over how everyone happens to show up places at the same time as me when my city is so big there’s so many places to go hahah.

Anywayyy Idk lol…Oh I made a new friend…that’s pretty cool I guess.  She sort of msged me outta nowhere wanting to hang out because she just moved here I guess & doesn’t really know anyone…it was pretty random but I was like well doesn’t seem like a psycho so why not haha…so she met us up at this place also…seems pretty cool & not like a bitch or psycho or stupid or anything sooo that’s a plus lol.  It’s hard to make new friends anywhere any time u know?  Like…it just doesn’t really happen often haha…so I was surprised that she seems cool and got along with  my friends…so I guess we all have a new friend lol.  Shockingly she doesn’t think I’m weird or anything sooo that’s a plus too haha.  Now if I could get all my friends together at one time to go out…that’d be fun times ;D

Oh…yeah haha…so I was dancing with my one friend…and some two girls come out there trying to dance too…no wait it was three girls haha…they were like…trying to overtake the dance floor n shit lol…not that many ppl were dancing b/c the outside is more popular to hang at but anyway so these 3 girls come over and they’re like randomly dancing and Idk I mean I was like alright I guess we can dance by them or something why not?  I mean I don’t know why they would be all up on the floor by us if they’re gonna be bothered by that haha…so I tried to be nice u know how friends just dance by eachother and whatever it’s all in fun not any serious shit lol…and u could tell this bitch was like offended lmao…she like turned the other way n shit and I was just thinking like omg lol this is hilarioussss she probably is so annoyed or pissed off right now or thinking I’m trying to get it on with her which I totally was fuckin not because she wasn’t even cute at all lmao…I was just being nice so she shouldn’t flatter herself by feeling like I was trying to “dance with her” because I so was not lol.  So that was funny as eff.  I did actually ask one girl to dance b/c she was really pretty lol….she said no though.  She’s like “huh?  dance with you?  Umm…u know I’m sorry but I don’t want to I’m not “like that” but I’m flattered u asked ur cute” I was like damn shot down! ok have fun! hahaha….what else am I gonna say right?

Anyway…it was a fun night…I saw a buncha old ppl I know and met a new friend who turns out to be someone who will probably be an actual friend…lol…fun times 🙂

Like this:

  • Lee

    lol… best story ever

  • ragu

    omg!!! what color is the squirrel?

  • Maango

    Hah, awesome story. Awesome night. Glad you had a great time Jenn. <3