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Grr, baby.


By Kaylee / 8 years ago / In: College , Events , General



Don’t you hate it when you wake up to pee and then you can’t get back to sleep to save your life? I woke up about 2 hours ago almost, but I’m still wanting to be sleeping. I’m such a bum sometimes, but it works for me. Lately i’ve been feeling kindof crummy so my energy levels have been waaaaay down. Don’t really know why, but i’m sure it’ll pass. I think I just need to catch up on some sleep, but sometimes i get so addicted to those dang forums that even if I want to sleep, i can’t, haha. Patheticccccc, Kaylee!

Yesterday I had my first chat with Dahlia and Jenna. You guys can expect to see us again on the 19th, we’re very excited! I have to admit I was very nervous. Not that i’m against others doing it, but I was scared to do something with other girls .. simply because that’s just not really my style. However, they made me feel extremelyyyyy comfortable, so i’m really proud of myself!! Just a little behind the scenes of how I was feeling at the time, I think our customers enjoyed it, though. I’m so glad they stopped by!

I can see myself taking a nap later. Maybe more sooner than later. Ahhh, sleep. I spent a lot of time this morning posting with our friends at Sexy and Funny, then posting on good ol’ CWH.

Oh, I finally got that subway i was craving!! It was verrrry yummy, I enjoyed it heavily, haha. So, last night i cried about my dog. HAH. That sounds so terrible, but I love him SO much. It’s really hard for me sometimes because he’s the one companionship that I really, REALLY need in my life. Did you know your blood pressure goes down everytime you pet your dog? It’s because they love you so deeply that it gives you a feeling of relaxation and confidence, because all they really want in their life is your friendship and for you to take care of them. I know snickers isn’t the most perfect dog in the world, afterall he is a rescue and he came with his share of problems – but he’s my dog, and i wouldn’t trade him for any other. He makes me very happy, so my goal is to be able to afford my own apartment for at least a year, that way he can come to school with me. It would like, make my life. I’d love that more than anything right now. I’m getting his new toys soon, i’m going to wrap it in tissue paper and let him unwrap it, haha, it’ll be my gift to him since I had to leave him so long to come visit Jenna. Originally, we were going to be staying at Dahlia’s so Snickers would have been able to come, but Jenna was able to move into her new apartment so there are no dogs allowed. She’s able to sneak her rats in, but sneaking in a dog is a bit harder, especially because I have to take him out to pee all the time. Oh well, i will be seeing him soon but i’m going to spend a lot of time with him before I go back to school .. I don’t have a lot of time left. BOOOO. It makes me so sad!!

Anyway, that’s all I have to share right now, so until next time!

Love and kisses!

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