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By Kaylee / 8 years ago / In: General , Health , Rants



Geez, Louise, do I feel yucky. After I finished camming this morning (sorry for my delerious ramblings, by the way ..) I decided to go take a nap so I could get a little bit of sleep in. Well, that wasn’t going too great, it took me HOURS to fall asleep so I went ahead and ate a little something so I wouldn’t wake up shaking.  After that, I finally fell asleep and I woke up about an hour later feeling really puke-y. I managed to keep it in my system but I was like wow, I have to try and sleep this off .. I’m not going to let myself get sick!! I wound up sleeping forever, even when Jenna was camming in the room, haha. I woke up feeling really groggy and my throat was still hurting but my stomach seemed better and I wasn’t coughing anymore. I did, however, have a terrrrible headache. Then I decided to get on the forums and post for a little while and my eyes were watering like crazy! So I was like, okay, this will be fine .. it’s just one of those days, it’ll pass, don’t worry!

It hasn’t passed yet. I realize now that this is just a misreable day health wise for me. My neck is in pain, my head still hurts, ugh. I’m thinking about taking another nap then taking a nice long bath before camming in the morning. I probably won’t sleep long so I figure it’s worth a shot? Other than that, everything else went okay pretty much .. no complaints really about the rest of my day. Jenna is gone at the movie theatre right now, but I tend to fall asleep at those places, lol, so I wait for the DVD to come out and watch it then. Not as fun, I know, but at least I don’t miss the movie that way!!

The forums are moving kinda slow right now and my computer is updating some programs so I’m a tad bit bored. I was looking at outfits and my new favorite makeup brand a few minutes ago, but decided to put that away and ignore my need to shop – hah.

Tomorrow (I believe), is mine, Dahlia, and Jenna’s three way chat! We’re all very excited! We have neat ideas planned away .. besides outfits. Hrrrm. We’ll figure something out, but woot! Better be there, you don’t want to miss out!! I’m not going to give away any details because I’m sure we’ll make a post about it on the forums, so if you’re reading this .. keep your eyes peeled. 🙂 It shall be hott!

I managed to give myself some carpet burns on my knees and make my legs all sore .. hahahah. This camming thing may take some getting used to in terms of WHERE to cam and stuff. Gotta protect those knees. I think it’s funny, I totally laughed about it this morning.

Dum dum dum. I think thats all the updates I have on this end, so until next time!

Love and kisses!

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