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By Kaylee / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I keep thinking about food. Not because I’m a fatty (which I am, haha), but because I loooove breakfast foods. I’m talking eggs, bacon, biscuits, sausage, toast, juice, everything. It’s seriously the best kind of food I can think of, and that’s saying something because I loooove a good steak.

I’ve been camming for quite a few hours today already but I’m getting kinda sleepy. Might have to nap then sign on again later. I’ve been doing really well for the standards I set for myself! I’m working really hard to prove that I deserve this chance, because we all know how things went with the other chances I had. I’m not at all nervous this time around, though.

I’m thinking about pulling out jennas ratties and playing with them. They are tooooo cute. You’d think I would be scared of rats, because I have some pretty odd fears sometimes .. but I love them!! There used to be two of them I didn’t care for much, pretzel and crouton, but now i’m completelyyyyy in love. I shared my hotdog with pretzel while jenna shared her popcorn with badger, haha. The boys, crouton and peanut, don’t get any because they’re on a diet, but occasionally they get a little something. I love croutons little dumbo ears!!!

I’m not sure what we have planned today. It might be another day dedicated to camming, but we’ll see. I’m in the mood for a good bath. My neck is giving me some problems lately, and I keep meaning to take something for it but forgetting. How do you forget that? No idea …

I really want a banana. I like monkeys. Monkeys like bananas, too. In a perfect world, I’d have a monkey and a banana. Oh, and a banana for the monkey. But i’d have Snickers, too, because I love him to death and rat terriers are awesome.

I forgot to mention, out of breakfast foods I don’t like bagels, waffles or pancakes. But sometimes i’ll eat waffles and pancakes just because they’re there.

And fruit! I loooooove fruit, almost every fruit except grapefruit and cherries, but i like the flavor of cherries.

Okay I’m starting to babble, so i’m just gonna get all my thoughts out real fast. Here I go!

I don’t want to go back to school, but I want to do better. The best thing about school is the breakfast burritos they sell downstairs. MMM, breakfast. I like breakfast. I also like shopping. I don’t like shoes though, my feet are too little. Once I went to school wearing two different shoes. I want to take a bath. The shoes were really weird though because one was higher than the other. Haha, funny. my stepdad didn’t think it was funny, but it was very funny. My eyes make me look like i’m wearing blue eyeshadow, which is weird because its actually purple and pink. I saw the cutesttttt rat terrier baby. I need my own apartment so I can have one with Snick. I’ve signed up to volunteer at a local shelter! I want to work with the animals so bad, those poor things. My eyes are watering, sometimes my contacts are strange. Don’t you hate it when you have an itch? I want to light a candle, I loooove how they smell.

Okay, I’m done, thanks, haha.

love and kisses,

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  • Courlin(James)

    hehehe interesting ramblings hon. You sound like your too tired to sleep