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better days =D


By Sabrina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I know that my last blog’s overall mood was pretty bleak but I’m feeling much better now…I have a couple things to look forward to the future so that makes me happier – one of them being a Halloween rave 😀 It’s a little over two months away but a few of my close friends are definitely going so I’ll have somewhere fun to go with people that I like 🙂 I’m buying my ticket tomorrow, they’re selling the tix at a clothing store that’s pretty close to my apartment for a cheaper price than what I’d find online. Besides, if I buy them in person, I don’t have to pay that “convenience fee” that online tickets always have added to their price.

And just because I’m attending school in less that two weeks, I don’t want my life to just be work and school, work and school…because then I’ll just be “existing” and not “living”. I mean, it’s not like I have to go out every night or anything but missing out on fun constantly for work and/or school isn’t a way for me to live IMO. I don’t know anyone who is happy living like that…and as I said in my previous blog, only I am responsible for my own happiness so yeah..I’m gonna do things to make ME happy..and that’s not just living a mundane 9-5 work/school life like a robot lol. I’d like to go to a club/rave/concert/etc. may once a month or so….not ALL THREE in one month, just one of those. I’m young…I like being out and social…staying cooped in the house all day and night wil just make me miserable. Anyway, I don’t wanna end the blog on a miserable note lol so yeah…I”m about to eat my dinner (stroganoff!). Byee…..

Like this:

  • lol you sound like me! I swear that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking lately too.