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NASCAR vs. FormulaOne???


By DelishKarli / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment ,



Hey, guysss!  Soooo, hellllo from the *NEW* girl!  🙂  I am having the bestest time here at CWH.  Love and hugs to ALL!  Ok, so just wanted to write some quick thoughts about race cars.  I really like sports and I love going to LIVE events (but don’t forget how passionate I am about shopping, too!  hee hee).  So I recently went to a NASCAR event in Florida – what energy, what excitement, what a lot of beeeeer!  I think this sport is amazing – the fans are so loyal, the sponsorship $ is insane and the drivers are hot!  And on some recent modeling shoots in Europe, I had the honor to attend a Formula One race.  The vibe was totally different – people were dressed-up, sipping champagne and the sound was sccrrrreaming outrageous & the pit girls were super HOT in liquid tight silver outfits!!  I couldn’t decide if I was for McLaren Mercedes or Ferrari (love both of those cars!!) or for the pit-girls.  I do like how international this sport is.

Sooo, if you were to take me on a date to see race cars – where would you take me?  What would you have me wear?  (BTW – to Nascar, I was in DaisyDukes & a bikini top …. to F1, I wore a sexy lil sundress)  Which sport do you prefer?

Well, vrrrrooooooom vrrrrroooooooooommmmm – gentlemen, start your engines!!  DelishKarli is here to have a racin’ good time w/ you & POP open the champagne at the finish line…  CHEERS!

Like this:

  • lolcat

    Would take you to watch Formula-1 at Monza Italy. Would have you wear a short red hot sleek dress just to make everyone arround you fade away!

    Scuderia Ferrari FTW!

  • DelishKarli

    Thx, honey… would looooove to do F1 @ Itallllly!! And I’m even mooooore xcited about the hot red drrrresssss… YES YES YES!!! oxox Thx for your comment, sweetie!

  • hi
    good luck

  • hi
    good luck