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Hey Everyone!!!


By Skyeblue / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , General , Health



So, all of my paperwork is finally in and done! I can’t wait to start camming on NNC. But, I’ve had this flu type thing since Friday and have no voice… and something about a girl that has to blow her nose every 2 minutes just seems very unattractive. But once my voice is back and I can breathe out of my nose, I’ll be all set!
I’m so sick of having soup, I think I’ll have something different for dinner…. I had a sandwich for lunch at my job. It’s so stressful and frustrating around there lately I just left early today. I didn’t feel well anyway. I’m hoping to be able to quit that and just start camming all the time pretty soon!
I saw the new Batman movie recently. I am scared to death of the Joker, but my friend wanted to go so badly for his birthday. So, I sucked it up and went. It wasn’t as horrifying as I had imagined, but there were a few scenes where I had to just close my eyes because I was that terrified. Overall it was a great movie. I wonder if they are going to bring the joker back in the next movie? I don’t think anyone will be able to make the Joker as devious as Heath Ledger did.
Well, now comes the getting to know Skye part of the blog!
Things I hate: The Joker, people who don’t watch their children while out shopping, people who do not get off their cellphones while in a checkout line or while sitting at dinner, people who abuse animals, spiders, being sticky, being itchy, bugs, and when it is wayyyy too hot in the house.
Things I like: pretty much all animals and wish I could have more, Tinkerbell, frozen pizza, eating in restaurants, the color pink, horror movies, comedies, chick flicks, some action movies, football *go eagles!*, hot wings, soda and energy drinks, almost everything on tv except reality shows, news, having hobbies, and hot showers.
One strange fact about me: I hate wearing socks when I don’t have to.

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