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By Sabrina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Ain’t it wonderful? I think I’m lactose intolerant because whenever I eat yogurt, I feel as if I want to vomit…or maybe it’s just the texture that makes me nauseous? But how come pudding and/applesauce don’t do that? And when I drink milk, my ass is attached to the toilet longer than comfortably necessary. Was that TMI? Well, if so, my SINCEREST apologies! =D

I’m waiting for a friend to come pick me up and then we’re going to have lunch. I would drive to the restaurant myself but with these horrendous gas prices, I try not to drive if I don’t have to 😉 Not only that, but my financial state isn’t looking so good right now – and gas costs money, obviously. I can’t even afford to drive right now =( However, I’m fixing that by working more and being CONSISTENT about camming, not only working a lot for a couple weeks and then slacking off the rest of the month like I’ve done in the past (which is why my finances are uggh).

School is just around the corner…I can’t wait! [/sarcasm]. I enjoy the first week of school, cuz nothing is ever due! 😉 But after that, my enthusiasm for school declines immensely.

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