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First Blog!


By Aubrielle / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Well I definitely had an eventful weekend. On Friday night I went to see my favorite singer ever, Josh Gracin (he’s a country singer, so if you’ve never heard of him, thats probably why haha), with my friend Kinley. We waited for so long though the concert was supposed to start at 8 and didnt start til 930 so there was a lot of standing going on, which wasnt too fun. But he was amazing as always so it was well worth it.

Saturday I went to another big concert called Countryfest, with one of my best friends who is leaving for Iraq in about a month. It was so much fun, and let me tell you if you are entertained by crazy drunk people, go to a country concert lol. That is seriously half the entertainment, and it was only $5! Of course it ended up costing more with all the beer but oh well, it was really good to spend the night with my friend who is gonna be gone for anywhere from 7-9 months, I’m definitely gonna miss him a lot.

After the concert was over we were walking around the downtown area and decided to go to this little bar, and I got in fine, didnt get carded. But there was undercover cops there and I got into some trouble 🙁 So that was horribly unfun. Any advice on getting out of alcohol related tickets? 😛

Hmm what else…I was planning on not starting cosmetology until October, but I’m getting kinda bored bein at home all the time so today I decided Im gonna start next month, which I’m super excited for. Only thing is I’m gonna be going to school 40 hours a week! but no worries cause I’ll still be pchatting a lot at night whenever I’m not busy. Well I’ll try to write again soon hope has a great week!

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