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Bia biaaaaaaaa!!!!


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Pictures



Okay. I’m not gonna be cunty in this post. Not one bit! I’m in a decent mood. Today was a pretty good day. Ordinary, but good. My internet is out right now for some unknown reason. So I’m stealing my neighbors wireless again, (thanks whoever you are. glad you don’t password protect your sheeit).

My Mom made this amazing spice cake. It tasted like cinnamon hot chocolate. Mmmm. She’s amazing. Kinda nuts, but amazing. I’m pretty lucky to be so close to my family. Especially after everything that’s happened throughout the years. We didn’t always get along so great, and we’ve all endured a lot of bumps in the road. It’s made us all closer though. I really can talk to my family about almost anything.

I have an appointment for all of my pets to get their vaccines this Thursday. I procrastinated a bit, but it’s not too late. I’m sort of nervous. They obviously don’t get out much since they’re not dogs. . . and not outdoor pets. I think they’ll behave though. Grim is a little bit of a ‘fraidy cat of course. Tallulah and Monkey are fearless. After their vaccinations and physical exams, I have to make an appointment to have Grimmy Grim’s balls lopped off. Poor guy. He’s getting big, he’s getting a bit of an attitude, and it’s time. I get pretty angry when people make comments about how spaying and neutering pets is cruel. Domesticated pets most definitely should be fixed. It’s cruel to let an animal run around in heat, or needlessly breed in my opinion. The vet I’m seeing prefers to do a physical before neutering, or I’d have it done this week.

I actually got some comments on my last blog entry. That was encouraging. That means people actually read what I write! OMGZ!!! I think posting pics in skimpy clothing helps too. . . so I’ll end this with some of that. Boobs and stuff.

Like this:

  • James(Courlin)

    of course some of us read them. I will admit it has been a while for me but I still do when I think about it.

    I also agree that if you have pets that you do not plan on letting breed they should be neutered or spayed

  • Maango

    You’re such a trickster posting pics like that to draw us in. 😛

    I just realized recently that they let us post comments again on these entries. 🙂

  • ragu

    yar, comments were disabled for the longest time. You look so pretty in the pic 😛

  • Cute pic!! I’m sure your babies will be fine. I read the blogs even if no one else does.