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lalalaaahhhh- JennCwh


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Heylo thereee.

I sorta have a headache.  I’m sitting here eating a giant tamarind candy thing…it’s good.  I went to go see the new batman movie…that was pretty good too.  I liked the joker’s character in this one possibly a bit better than Jack Nicholson’s version…though I love him lol.  He’s awesome but, I kinda liked how this version seemed a bit more “dark” and lost or something…instead of just crazed and really joker-y?  If that makes sense. haha.  I mean, he seems crazed too but in a different more interesting way I guess.

The movie was really long.  Meatball is sleeping on my chair behind me again.  He was being a baby earlier.  hehe.  I solved the problem of that weirdo neighbor who was obsessed with me because he thought I seemed so “cool and badass/cold/bitchy/idgaf” or whatever…of course I seem like that to you betch, I don’t like you!  Well…he was alright as an acquaintance but uh yeah lol.  Anyway…I just told him I don’t effin like him like that and to stop asking me to go do things b/c I’m gonna say no every time haha.

I think it’s sorta annoying that people meet me and categorize me as this “type”…I guess the “type” he thought I was would be like…Idk…some thrasher punk ass bitch who’s mean to everyone and blasts nothing but punk bands 24/7 lol.  Soooo notttt meeee….I mean, I like some bands like that…and I listen to them here n there…but I wouldn’t limit myself to just one type of music, one type of look, or one type of effin anything.  I like whatever I like, I can’t pick favorites.  Plus…I’m a creative minded person…I’m gonna tend to like all types of shit and not just one.  I think that’s a plus about me though.  I don’t like being labeled or stereotyped as certain “types”.  I have a large array of interests and likes and dislikes lol.  Don’t box me in!

What’s more retarded is that I think some people fake to like the same crap as me…and then google it and try to talk to me about it (like that neighbor guy lmao) I think he googled like “popular punk bands” or some shit, based on one band he saw that I liked…and then tried to tell me he was all up at this show and that show and blahdy blah blah and I was like wow sounds lame I can’t imagine him at shows like that what did he do stand there and look like a nerd?! haha.  He didn’t even talk about anything like that before.   What woulda been next?  I wear like…a fuckin hello kitty shirt and he tells me he’s so into sanrio things also?  guhuuhuhuh!  Or something along those lines…

Anywho…I had to get new contacts today.  I got starbucks too.  Meatball is still laying behind me on the chair hehe…he looks sooo cuuuteeee. ;D  I lovessss himmmm.

Oh- my birthday is on july 31st.  I think it’s gonna be pretty lame and disappointing.  We’ll see lol.  I’m not expecting much of anything fun or surprising to really go down though.  Mabye I’ll end up working, who knows.   I ate some crab legs the other day…they were good 🙂  I wanna learn how to surf…looks fun…I need to move somewhere warm.

Ok that’s enough for now…ttyl.

Like this:

  • Maango

    Surfing huh? 😀

    Hope your birthday is surprisingly awesome ma’am. 🙂

  • ragu

    meatball’s a lucky dog lol =P