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QotW: What Do You Look For In a Guy?


By admin / 8 years ago / In: News ,



As part of the new “Question of the Week” feature on CWH News, we asked the camgirls what they’re looking for in a guy. So be sure to read and pick up some pointers, guys! Here is what they said:

Voilet says:
I look for someone who seems to be on the same wavelength as I am. Similar humor and virtues. Loyalty is important, as well as sincerity and intelligence. Physical attraction is pertinent, but I’m not incredibly picky. I like a pleasant face, great smile, nice eyes. Good hygiene and a healthy sex drive is a must!

Kyra says:
I am attracted to intelligent men, someone with an education and goals are a must. Caring about animals is a must because it is my biggest passion in life. Good teeth is another must! I am not too picky about men physically but fugly teeth is one of my biggest turn offs!

Danni says:
I look for someone who can make me laugh, and has a lot of confidence! NOT to be confused with cockiness….theres a fine line there! Someone who is sure of who they are and has a pretty good idea of what direction they are going with their lives and also has the drive and will to make it happen. Looks wise, I don’t know if I really have a certain type….i am attracted to great smiles though, and usually the taller the better.

Mary Kate says:
I love a guy with an addictive personality, someone who makes me forget everyone else is around. I like a guy who can keep me laughing and happy without trying too hard. I love tall guys because I’m really small and i love a guy with a great smile. He must be intelligent, well groomed, and well dressed. Oh, and able to keep up with me and fit in! 😉

Gisele says:
Has to be honest. Also, a man with a romantic side makes me melt too.. I love to goof around and be silly so someone who understands my weird sense of humor and can join along with me 😀 I love cars so he has to at least have an interest for them.. someone who loves to pig out and eat. But on the serious side, I don’t care who you are or what you look like, just be sweet to me and others.. no cockiness or conceited people will ever get my respect 😛

Ashleigh says:
I love a guy who loves me, and loves himself, but not in a cocky way. Someone who respects me and my passions, and has respect for family, love and setting goals in life together. If a guy doesn’t have even the same basic ideals as me, and doesn’t like things like animals or food…then I can’t see it working. I just wanna be treated well and I want to have great experiences. And as icing on the cake: if you can out-eat me at buffet, then you earn bonus points for being so damn sexy.

Countess says:
I look for interesting guys. I get bored of guys that just do normal stuff… Go to work, go to the gym, go out for drinks with friends… I find that I don’t have interesting stuff to talk to him about. I especially like guys with weird hobbies. I’m the girl that had a thing for the geek at the back of the classroom who sat and invented his own language all day. Appearance doesn’t matter much to me, he just needs to be intelligent and interesting and care about me. Of course if some of his weird hobbies correspond with mine then that’s even better! I also like a guy who can make me laugh a lot, respects my decision when I don’t want to do something or go somewhere and is a romantic like me. I’ve never received flowers from a guy before… I think the day I do, I’m going to cry.

Aubrielle says:
I like a guy who is confident, can make me laugh without trying too hard, that I can have fun with even sitting at home doing nothing all day and makes me feel like I’m his top priority, or at least close to it. Someone who has goals and know what they want to do with their life. Looks wise my only really big thing is that they have a good smile, and I have to have a guy who is taller than me, which isn’t a very strict requirement since I’m only 5’3. Honestly, I’m not into the whole romantic thing, if you want to win me over be spontaneous and plan things to do that aren’t everyday normal dates.

Camilia says:
Lets see… I look at how confident he is but also retains the ability to apologize. A guy should be able to make me smile and to be there when I need him, good or bad times. I look for a guy that is self-sufficient and doesn’t depend on his parents for mental or physical support all of the time, meaning he can make his own decisions. and the guy should be able to handle my family because I am very family oriented, especially close to my grandmother! I am a bit of a romantic so if the guy can open doors, send flowers, give spontaneous hugs and such… I am won over! Last, but not least, I want a guy who is comfortable hanging out at home and going out and doing things… who feels like partying all of the time?

Hayden says:
I love guys who have a sense of humor. Looks will fade in time, so I don’t care about that. But a sense of humor is forever. If I marry a guy who can make me laugh now, and when I’m 90 well he is definitely the man of my dreams.

Paige says:
I love a guy that can make me laugh, and they can laugh at me. Intelligence is also really important. If you can’t hold a conversation, then I’m outta there! I look for someone that shares the same values as me, but isn’t afraid to be their own person. Someone that is compassionate, silly, passionate, and they have to have a large sexual appetite and a cute butt 😉

Marie says:
I want a guy that is solid, has goals, is nice to me, and really loves me. I want somebody I can talk to and do things with, not just hang out, but go to a concert or the theater or something as well. Someone that will respect me and my feelings but also respect themselves.

Hollie says:
Big sexy shoulders (mmm), round bum, friendly eyes and of course.. a sense of humor.

Angelina says:
Confidence, intelligence and a sense of humor. One who doesn’t take themselves or life too seriously. And you have to love doggies. 😉

Brooke says:
If you can make me laugh you just gave yourself 1,000,000 brownie points from me! I love someone with a sense of humor and can be silly with 🙂 But at the same time I am a very goal oriented and driven person, so i hope he would share the same amount of determination in everything he does!
Of course a little romance doesn’t hurt either…

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