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My first blog


By jazmin / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Okay, so here we goooo…  I guess I will begin with my upcomming MChat.  It will be next this Monday, July 14th @ 4pm.  I’m pretty nervous about it but everyone has been really sweet and supportive here so I’m not too worried.  I have been thinking about something that I can do while I’m on.  Maybe I’ll go through my lingerie collection…  😉  So, life has been good for me lately.  I had a lovey week last week visiting with family and friends where I’m from.  Then the fourth was actually very calm.  Did the bbq thing early and got home by around 7.  I guess the holidays aren’t the same as you get older.  I remeber when on Christmas Eve you slept maybe two minutes out of the whole night.  My dad used to tell my bro and I to wait until we at least see the sun before we could wake them up.  Half the time I had already opened and played with a majority of my presents anyway.  Scandalous I know.  The funny part is my mom never knew!  At least if she did, she let me get away with it.  Hahaha, I can’t ever wait to find things out.  Don’t tell me you have a surprise for me because I will not give up until I find out what it is.  I’m a persistant little thing!  Anyway, I have to go for now.  Will blog again soon!



Like this:

  • finger2orgasm

    Yes.. things really start to change as we get older. Now we are supposed to be more independent and responsible. And this takes out the fun piece of life, when we used to live in our own little fairy world. The real world on the other hand is so obsessed with pleasure; it doesn’t even leave fairies out.

  • jordandunn

    Great 1st chat. I thought the cooking show was a really original idea.

    It’s true what you said about the older we get, the magic from our youth seems to fade. I think it returns once people start having children and that magic is passed on to them.