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How many more days??!!


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Haha I know I know, but thats all that been on my mind lately! Each day I wake up Im like…”So and so # of days til dnn dnn dnn THE DARK KNIGHT” In that suspenseful, manly voice. I do it pretty well. Ill let you hear it next time! 😀 So of course you guys dont need to ask if I got my tickets yet. Umm I got tickets when I was born! Haha thats not possible but if it was, then yeah! 😛

But hmm..was I born a Batman fan or made a Batman fan? lol Cause if I wasnt born a Batman fan then I wouldnt be holding them when I was a baby. I was a cute ugly baby. I was an evil baby too. But I wont get into that cause that might freak you out and if I told u the things I used to do, some of yall will want me arrested for something I did 20 some years ago. I mean, yeah it was bad and I should serve time, but look at all the good I did since then!! 😀 Ive been imprisoned mentally a few times, so yeah I did serve time :P.

Ok back to Batman. Batman is just soo cool you guys dont understand! Hes not all happy boy scouty like Superman. And frankly, Superman is just too bright lol. Too ostentatious ya kno. Batman is dark…dark is sexy and mysterious. Batman is also more complex. Hes more human. He doesnt have those superhuman powers. He just has good ol detective skills and martial arts skills. And hes doing something cause he lost something soo dear to him – his parents. I would definitely do anything for my parents. <3 I do wish he would lighten up a bit and not keep everything so bottled up. Maybe if I get a hold of him Ill let him know thats its ok to smile every now and then. Or maybe he doesnt smile cause he has some jacked up teeth? lol I know some ppl who dont smile or talk cause of their critter teeth or 3inch gap between their front teeth. Haha so mean!

So ppl get tattoos of something they love, something thats important to them, something that will be with them forever. I was actually considering a Batman symbol tattoo many years ago. Actually I still think about it every now and then. I dont have any tattoos at all, I also did consider an Incubus tattoo or cheese tattoo lol cause those things are important to me and I will never change the way I feel about them, but a cheese tattoo??! lol come on! If it was scratch n sniff maybe. 😛 And too many ppl have the Incubus tattoo. If i did get a Batman tattoo it would be pretty small and just be in black not the yellow outline.

I have a picture with Batman somewhere….hmm. I went to a comic convention and he was there. He looked like Michael Keaton too! He picked me up too! So I need to find that pic! Haha. I remember when I watched Batman Begins I forgot to blink lol so my eyes were all dry afterwards and I had to lubricate the crap out of them. Ill remember to blink for TDK tho. 😀

So yeah I got the midnight showing. I mean Im not watching it opening day just to say “I watched it first!” I just been waiting for so damn long for this that I cant wait anymore!! Its 2 hours and 30 min! Oh my! And I got work early the next day…I probably wont be sleeping after watching it anyway cause Id be too amazed so its ok if I get no sleep. 😛 Itll be worth it. Ill hi five my fellow Batman fanatics in the theater. Only if they share their m&ms with me. 😀

Wow I just realized I was rambling on and not even staying on topic. I apologize, I told u the suspense is getting to me.

Have a good week everyone and lets count down the days til The Dark Knight together 😀

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