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Heyy thereee- Jenncwh


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



How’s it goin?

Man, the past few days have been kinda brutal. lol. I just got over what I *think* was some sort of sinus infection, or my allergies were going amplified times 100 for a few days, I am going to guess it’s the former, as there’s really no reason allergies would all of a sudden be jacked up to retarded levels of misery for like five days or a week or however long that was. It was ridiculous though, I used a whole box of tissue in that time, and that was while trying to conserve it since I didn’t know how long I’d be needing it lol. Ugh.

Anyway, beyond that…I’ve been a bit sickly the past couple days as well, but that’s due to woman problems…which you guys don’t need to hear about. haha. I had a pretty good fourth…went to a friend’s house because she was having a party…it was pretty funny because it was her & her neighbor…outside on their front lawns…with all these people & coolers of beer & the grill and chairs and tables n shit lol. It was fun though 😀

Kinda oddness going on lately, everywhere I go, at least one person has to insult me (I was just talking about this on my forum the other day) by claiming I look like I need to eat *eyeroll* and then, another thing is that lately it seems a lot of people seem to like me…well, guys…anywhere I go, even if it’s like a gathering of friends and I kind of know everyone, someone has to come up and try to talk to me, act like they aren’t “hitting on me” but they actually are…trying to ask me to go do things with them or get my number, or just confessing they like me and have for a while, or something like that. I had a good fuckin laugh over a voice mail some guy left who I had to give my number to get him to just leave me alone lol…he was all like “Hey…it’s uh…bob from monday” on the vm, and I just cracked up…did I already write about this in another blog? I don’t know but damn… it was so funny…I was like wow…this sounds like a movie! Anyway I, of course laughed at the voice mail, and then deleted it…not like I wanted him to even have my number but, I knew I could just ignore it when he called- if he ever did… which I didn’t even think he would since he had insisted “he wasn’t hitting on me” when I said “Are you trying to hit on me?” when he was talking to me in the first place, since he had came and sat down by me, started rambling some shit…and then complimenting me and I was like whoaaa whoa whoa…waiiit…are you trying to hit on me? Cuz like…no lol. (I wasn’t trying to be a bitch, it just makes me uncomfortable to be in a closed space with someone sitting so close trying to come on to me and I can’t even go walk away since we were on a party bus lol and I didn’t want to be mean or cause problems or anything) So that’s when he was like oh no I’m not, I just think u seem cool and u should go do this or that with me and I was like chyaaa we’ll see bout that one…I don’t really feel interested though. ;p So yeah, then I couldn’t just walk away or anything and he wanted the number so I was like alright fine & let him have it then he left me alone finally lol.

I was talking to my friend who had the party on the fourth about her neighbor because her sisters thought he was creepy or w/e and I was like idk…he seems pretty nice…he didn’t even try to hit on us and he’s still being really cool and whatnot so that’s pretty awesome of him. Well, turns out that one has a crush on me…and was planning to talk to me on the 4th at the party…he only met me once while I was over at her house drinking one afternoon on a random lazy day…thank god he didn’t try to come on to me @ the party, & just remained u know…nice and sociable/friendly but not in the hit on me type of way. I don’t really know what it is lately…people seeming to like me more than usual…not like I look “nicer” than I did before or anything…when I go out I wear like…jeans and a hoodie and a tank top…and of course my hair’s short now. I don’t exactly look like the picture of feminine beauty lol, and of course I don’t act like that either…because it’s just not my personality to act all giggly or girly or whatev. I don’t get why it would be more attractive all of the sudden. Usually I can go pretty much un-noticed. lol.

I dunno. I guess maybe not…I guess it has happened most of the time when I go out, and people still try even when I don’t respond to them saying hi to me or something. I mean…how can I possibly get hit on that much? Do guys talk to anything that walks past them or what?! That has to be it, anything that is decent looking and appears to be single, they will hit on? I know I’m not that awesome looking that people just can’t not talk to me or some shit…so come on. I mean, I know I look good, I’m not ugly, but I don’t think I’m that many people’s “type” to get hit on or whatever all this often as I seem to…esp with the way I act…which is that I try to not draw too much attention…and try to seem kind of like…unapproachable…or unfriendly…so I don’t get bothered. I don’t even look at anyone so as not to have them think I looked at them and have them come over and talk lol.

But really, I think it is just so obvious when randoms try to hit on me & I am just not interested…I don’t know why they would persist. You can tell I’m not looking at you, not really talking to you or responding with much of anything…and all that…looking like I want to hurry up and leave and go talk to someone else lol. If I was interested, people would know…I’d be probably kinda touchy feely, or be like…asking them stuff…looking @ them and laughing or something…actually seeming interested and like I want to be there or trying to get their number, instead of them asking for mine as I look around looking like I’m looking for an escape lmao.

Well ok this was a long ranty blog…don’t hate me. I’m really not a biatch…but some people you know…what can you do? It’s not to be mean on my end…I just feel uncomfortable when people act certain ways to me I guess esp when I have no interest you know? blah. Ok, well, ttyl. haha.

xox-Meee 🙂

(here, random picture 🙂 )


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