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Enjoying my summer break


By Katrina Taylor / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , Events , General

Katrina Taylor

Katrina Taylor

What’s up everbody! Hope you and all of your friends and family members made it back home safe from all the 4th of July antics! It’s totally hot outside right now and I cant wait for it to get cooler this afternoon so that me and some friends can go and hit up the beach this afternoon.4th of July the other nite was soooooooo awesome! We started out in Huntington, then to Newport, then back to Redondo Beach! Hell yeah! It’s amazing to me how some chicks will wear heels at any given time and the 4th of July is an innappropriate time to be sporting heels and trying to be ultra sexy. I just laugh at women that try extra hard to be sexy.They crack me up! We were going to hit up a stripclub that night but instead we decided to keep things low-key and attend local house parties only. I haven’t been online all that much due to the fact that I have been too busy trying to enjoy my summer. Its going well and I still have alot more travel coming up in the next month. I’m also going to be attending Project next month in August in Las Vegas which if any of you guys are involved in fashion then you know what Project is! Anyone who is anybody in fashion, will be there!
Hope all is well cause Im OFF! Peace Out!
Chat soon.I’ll be online tonight,Sun!

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