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Brooke: “I am an individual!"


By admin / 8 years ago / In: News ,



Brooke model Brooke may have an innocent-looking face, but she has a wild, adventurous side she isn’t afraid to let out.

Almost 21, Brooke’s adventures include a recent trip to Europe, where she hiked through Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria for two weeks with her friends.

The adventure doesn’t stop with just travel, though.

A sledding accident in 10th grade changed Brooke’s everyday routine.

“I broke my back sledding,” she recalled. “I hit a tree full speed down a hill with a girl in the same sled sitting behind me. I was in a cast for a few months. That has changed my view on winter sports for sure. But also I now have to make sure to exercise and stretch every day, among other requirements. So that has definitely changed my life day-to-day and made me more cautious doing simple things.

“I have also broken my arm on a trampoline so as you can see I don’t have the best luck participating in fun ‘past time activities’ haha.”

Brooke was heavily involved in athletic activities throughout her high school years, including track, volleyball, basketball, cross country, softball, tennis and cheerleading.

“I wanted to do it all,” she said, “and I have kept that attitude and perseverance since I was younger.”

That attitude led to a share of interesting comments when people found out she sported a 4.0 GPA in addition to being a Hooters girl.

Brooke“I am only 20 and I do look very young but most the time people think I am older because of the stance I have on life and how I approach things,” Brooke said. “I uses to work at Hooters and the most common thing I heard was, ‘You are not the average Hooters girl (blond and ditsy).’ Nope! I have been taught to be proud of being intelligent and to take responsibility for everything I do.”

The sales and marketing major currently has about two years remaining at her local university and hopes to go into medical sales.

“I like the atmosphere of a hospital and to see how things work,” she said, “but I could never actually be the nurse or doctor. I will stick with the machines and medications. Anyone want to buy something? Tehehe.”

If there’s one thing she had the time to learn, though, it would be interior design.

“I live in an apartment right now and I just wish I had more room and the ability to decorate more,” Brooke said. “I absolutely love to pick up a decorating magazine and scan all the different ideas!”

Brooke is also big on family, but makes CWH a not-so-family-friendly affair when she cams with her twin sister, Vikki, every Sunday.

Growing up, Brooke encountered her fair share of funny moments with her twin sister, even getting freaked out when they would finish each other’s sentences or say the same thing at the exact same moment. But they’ve caused a few embarrassing mix-ups along the way, too.

“There was this one instance when my ex-boyfriend came around the corner near the lockers,” she recalled, “and put his arm around Vikki and about kissed her from behind ’til he realized it wasn’t me, and I was staring at him in disbelief!”

The twin association also leads to common misconceptions, however.

“I am an individual!,” she said. “People think of Vikki and I as being one, but really we are two very different people.”

That may even lead to a solo memberchat every now and then in the near future.

“Actually, I talked to her about this today,” Brooke said. “I would love to do a solo member chat! It is just that people seem to always ask about the other half anyways, and it can be more fun with two! But, I think this is something that could change in the near future. We like to be individuals, also.”

CWH fans that have ever checked out a memberchat are also aware that Brooke’s innocent face doesn’t always match her not-so-innocent mind.

“I am a very dirty talker!,” she admitted. “I look innocent but just let me talk you through it. Hehe.”

Brooke found out about CWH through her photographer and instantly fell in love with the community.

“I jumped right into it,” she said. “I think so far its been everything I have expected. Perhaps the only thing that surprised me is how close everyone is, and how nice and helpful all these gorgeous women are! It has been great to be a part of CWH and I hope that I can continue to be a part of this family for years to come.

“I love the forums! Everyone is so nice and a lot like an extended family. Also, the moderators are always there when you need something and the members make it so there is never a dull moment. There are so many of them that make me laugh every day. To come to the forums and just hang out and connect with so many people from around the world is a very cool thing.”

In spirit of the holiday, Brooke also wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July, as well as thank the troops serving around the world.

Interview by Tracy

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