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Blush, hush and rush


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So lately Ive been blushing alot cause wonderful ppl have been spoiling me. Aww its so sweet! *Blushes. Hehe. Very kind to all of those kind hearted souls. Hmm or maybe I should just say horny perverted souls? Either way, Im very appreciative.:D Love, hugs, kisses and spanks, and cranks to all of ya! <3<3<3

Hush..the movie is starting…well it will be in July! 😉 So I got some comics from yet another kind hearted soul. Batman is just soo dreamy…<3

Ive been silly lately…Ive been in such a rush to do things. Why? Dont we all think that life is too short?? If its too short why are we stopping to smell the roses!? lol Well I know we all have to stop and smell the roses. Not if theres a big ol nasty bee on it or a loogie or however u spell it. I dunno I guess Im always trying to be one step ahead of everything and everyone. Why? Yeah its silly… I should go at my own pace. Pace picante is good on tacos you know, its not made in New york city. New york city!! Remember that commercial? ‘Get a rope’ How weird…so was he gonna choke the fella?!!

But yeah..I need to slow my roll…I dunno just so much to do so little time. Ive been asking myself way too many questions lately and sadly I dont have any answers… Hmm…I should go somewhere and have an epiphany like in the Simpsons movie. Hehehe ;D

Oh I still have some more pics of outfits and goodies I got so stay on the lookout for simple plain ol me 🙂

Like this:

  • Dan

    I always thought hanging a guy for where his picante was made was a little extreme myself, but it was still a good commercial.

    Take your time and do things when you wanna do them. No point rushing to get things all done, then having nothing to do.