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My day has been interesting enough so far- Jenncwh


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



(Ignore the title ending with – Jenncwh, it’s there for search purposes & will be included in all future blog titles, providing I remember to add it in!) 🙂

Anywho, Like the title states, interesting day so far. Not so much due to anything that has happened to me personally, but based on things going on with people in my life.

I woke up because my friend was over…and she came in my room this morning crying. I asked what was wrong & it turns out a guy she’s been seeing who lives in another state has been basically cheating on her, talking to another girl the whole time- despite telling her he loves her and can’t wait to move here and see her etc. Well, he’s been telling this other girl the same things basically. Pretty bogus if you ask me! He even made plans to hang out with this other girl when he gets to living here, before making plans to see my friend who he’s been in the relationship with. He claims that he “knew the other girl was setting him up all along, and he fell for her trap of throwing herself at him” which is just lies, because this other girl doesn’t even know my friend in any way, hence no reason to be maliciously setting this guy up or anything.

I don’t even believe she threw herself at him, he’s just a fucktard trying to lie his way out of a bad situation he created for himself. hmph. Lame. She’ll probably let him talk his way into making it all some sort of mistake and like it was really all fault of his insecurity/the girl throwing herself at him while he was feeling unsure or whatever…since they lived so far away, despite her telling him she loves him all the time and wants to be only with him. I think that’s just a lame excuse to play on the pity. I’ll never understand why people insist on believing the things they know they shouldn’t…I guess people really like hurting themselves in the attempt to get something good…humm…

Then, later on while I was talking to my friend about everything…my other friend calls all hysterical telling me she just got hit by a car on her way to work. She rides her bike because it’s close, plus she doesn’t have a car any longer thanks to an accident not too long ago in which her car flipped over with her inside it. So yeah…she’s riding her bike along to work, and someone speeds out of a driveway that she’s riding right past, obviously they didn’t bother to go slowly or look to see if anyone was there or not before pulling out, and they hit her straight on, from the side or whatever…and she went flying onto the hood of their car.

Luckily there was a lady who saw it, and happened to be a nurse, she called the ambulance and whatnot…and told them everything that she saw. The guy who hit my friend of course, like a douchebag…tried to get out of it when presented with the question “did she hit you, or did you hit her?” and he goes “Uhhh I think it was like, 50/50…yeah, definitely not my fault!” Obviously excited that there was a chance he could maybe be seen as not in the wrong But, the lady chimed in, since my friend was still in shock and obviously in pain lol…that the guy needed to stop lying, and that she saw the whole thing and he clearly hit my friend while she was riding along because he didn’t stop to see if anyone was on the sidewalk and just peeled on out…he was also going to try to leave the scene if that lady hadn’t been there, and ignore what he just did, but the lady pulled her car in front to stop him and insisted on helping out…Anyway, the cops knew he was lying because you could tell from her bike’s damage and the pedal mark on the car that he clearly hit her, and didn’t watch what he was doing…and it wasn’t her fault because he just came outta nowhere. Drivers are responsible to watch for pedestrians…not to say pedestrians should freely walk in front of cars and expect them to stop or anything, but obviously the guy wasn’t there when she started crossing the driveway, or she wouldn’t have continued riding across that opening…so of course he pulled out unexpectedly without looking.

Everyone’s not a douche in the situation though, my friend called her boss to tell him she wasn’t going to be coming in to work because she had just got hit by a car, and the boss came and helped her with a ride home, & stopped at the bike place and bought her a new tire and whatever else that needed to be fixed, so that was pretty sweet of him & he didn’t have to do that, also he offered her to go home…but she said no because she’d just be sitting around there anyway…so she still went to work.  She doesn’t have any crazy injuries that are too bad, just possibly a concussion and some giant lumps, bruises & cuts…but she doesn’t want to go to the hospital I guess to find out if anything could be wrong other than that so she’s just going to work.

The last interesting thing today, is that one of my friends got turned down for a job based on their less than great credit score. Apparently the company sees the slightly less than awesome score as a reflection of their character and work ethic, and responsibility as an employee/worker…I think that is bullshit, as a personal credit score isn’t always something someone can help, especially when they are clearly in need of a job…after being laid off their last job…denying them a job to make money seems ridiculous to me. I also don’t think that a credit score is a reflection of someone’s character, as lots of things could happen that would lower it, that they just can’t help…maybe they have bad luck and rack up a hospital bill…or get laid off and can’t pay for things…you know? Hmm..Idk…annoying at the least is all I can say.

Well, that about does it for me today…I’ll be around the forums and on pchats later on 🙂 I need some coffee right now, though. Hopefully this wasn’t too boring since it’s really not even about me lol. Here’s a pic I posted in my forum, who’s thread I titled something like “here’s a random pic of reality” hehe…I was getting ready for pchats. 🙂


xox-mee 🙂 <333

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  • Dan

    The reason people will believe the things they know they shouldn’t, is because people will believe almost anything is they are either afraid enough that it’s true or want enough for it to be true. It’s a flaw of our psychological make-up, I think.