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Hey kids!


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



How’s it goin? Wait, don’t answer…that was a trick question…mostly outta courtesy, to look like I care…now I’m gonna tell you how I’m doing! How am I? I’m pretty good. Could be better, just took some allergy medicine so that I can breathe and not have my eyes/throat/nose itch constantly! Ughh…I’m glad it works or I dunno how crappy I’d be feeling all day right now lol. It makes me spacy at times though, like I zone out for a minute every once in awhile and feel weird till it goes away…but whatev…better than feeling like shit all day! I just ate some cereal so it won’t hurt my stomach :S

It’s a pretty nice ass day out today! ;D I’m in a pretty good mood I think…my friend wants me to come over and grill and drink some beers and sit outside…I could prob go for that but I just woke up lol…I said to give it like an hr or so…and see how I am then…She lives like…a five min. drive from me so that’s cool. Hrmm…I wonder if I look like total crap or if I can go as-is…I don’t feel like doing anything to look presentable lol…I already took a shower but my hair looks like a wreck and I could probably use some bit of makeup or something..oh well…I don’t think it matters…as long as her mom isn’t going to be there so she doesn’t think she’s hanging out with someone weird haha (she lives at home for now) I’ll just wear some kinda preppy looking outfit and it’ll be all good…I’ll look totally nice and normal lol.

Okay well, I guess I’ll get going then…I think my allergies are finally starting to feel blocked out 😀


xox-mee 🙂 <33

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  • Maango

    but you are weird 😛