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Silvia= lazy and fatness lol


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Dear Lovelies<3
       I’ve been procastinating so much lately, theres so much I want to do… but I dont do it. If I had no friends and no life, I would be more productive! What happens is this.. I have plans and someone always comes over or asks me for favor, than it changes my plans. I used to feel super lonely, now I want to be lonely again.
       I made the mistake of giving my dog too much love, she is incredibly needy! If I go to the washroom she cries and if im camming, she has to be *on* me, not near me… right on me lol. Im getting my baby rottie in 3 weeks, i honestly feel like im pregnant and waiting for my baby to come out. Im so excited!! Im hoping it’ll keep chi chi busy and I will have more time for me! I will have to keep a close eye on it though because chi chi is a mean bitch!!!
       Lastnight I was hosting a stag and had a few pics of girls for the groom to choose from and he chose this one italian girl, that was soooo hot!! When I met her on the stag, wow… she looked very different, she was the size of 4 of me lol. I was talking to the groom and we’re like “she looks big” I know that sounds mean, but common… PUT PICS THAT LOOK LIKE YOU!!! It looked nothing like her and I told her, it was mafia themed and she comes in dressed like a school girl “are u kidding me?” Oh Oh Oh… this ones good, the stag was from 6:30 to 3am and she told me she had to go to a cottage and totally forgot… how do u forget that u had to go to a cottage??? She called me at 4pm to tell me and I told her she didnt give me enough time to find a girl and if she can stay for a couple of hours, we wont pay her the full amount though. She comes in 40mins late and 30mins after being there she told me she had to leave…. wow! I told her “If u want to leave now, u wont be paid! If u want to be paid u have to be here for 2 hours, but u wont be paid the full amount” She stayed for 2 hours and was paid 50 bucks! I was soooo embarassed because of her. We did a good job though, I was walking with a mic most of the time stupid things most of the time…. my fav moment was when I was trying to auction off the groom for a night of sex! I sold him for 10 bucks woooo! Lol
      I have 6 ppl sleep over and I went around taking pics of them… omg, did they look stupid! Tom had 3 fingers in his mouth lol, I had to take pics… so heather and I began doing stupid poses on him lol. I went to bed at 6am and woke up at 1pm… we ate sooo much! Cheesecake, doritos, bbq, cookies… probably 20 pounds was gained this morning! We than laid around because we were stuffed, while chi chi walked on our faces.
      We watched the Euro cup and Tom was pissed, he had to run outside and shout FUCK!!  Netherlands lost and he was soooooo mad! Than him and I argued because everyone knows, I will not offend u… unless u talk bad about my country. He was like “Portugal sucks” and that set it off, I replied “Hmmm… im pretty sure we beat u last time” and that when it started lol.  We’re good now
J Now im gonna start catching up on things, I have to write 3 letters, look through my friend’s resume and edit it and than cllleeeaaannnnn!



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