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By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I got a little burnt!

The sun is harsh lol. I also have bad allergies so now I’m gonna have to take claritin like every day n shit. It’s alright but wtf…if I don’t take it I feel like…seriously sick lol. Can’t breathe, stuffy nose, itchy throat and eyeballs & sneezing non stop! ;/ The claritin fixes it all though so that’s good 😀

Humm so yeah I went to the amusement park…it was fun times. Went on some rides, drank a 10$ glass of cheap beer Srsly though…it’s annoying waiting in all those lines. That’s the majority of the day too, waiting in lines for everything…food, rides, bathroom…etc. garr. Oh well…also there was a fight in a line because some people were trying to cut us lol…they just tried to walk right on through saying stuff like “xcuse me…dont’ hate a playa don’t hate” and we were like wtf where are you guys going?! N they’re like oh we’re going to the front of the line…and we’re like uhmmmm I don’t effin think so! You better step on back lol wtf you can’t go to the front just because you “want to” I’d like to do that too that doesn’t mean I do it! mfs! lol.\

Also, they have stupid rules like… you can’t take the beer to wait in line with you or leave wherever you bought it from to drink it or anything…like wtf is that?? We just snuck it under hoodies into the lines then put the cool plastic cups in my friend’s bag to keep n tossed that in a bin that’s for holding ur bags while ur on the ride…those lines are way too long to just stand there doing nothing! I felt like we were doing something illegal but really it’s just a dumbass rule so whatevs. haha.

So yeah…all day the line cutters thing was like a joke…I was going in front of my friends all like xcuse mee I feel like being in front of you… don’t hate- don’t hate- lemme move to the front yo! huhuhuh. I dared my friend to flash the ride camera on one of the roller coaster lol…she tried but it didn’t get us in the pic well so it didn’t really work…it was too dark and we were too far to the back of the cart or whatever so you couldn’t even see shit lol. Failed attempt but, at least she tried haha.

There were so many emos there lol…so funny. This one chick who was with us was so hilarious…we passed by some emos sitting around in the park doing who knows wtf & she yelled out like “omg u guyz r so emo I like ur matching in the face hairs!!!” guhuhuh…then some guy wearing all black long sleeves n shit in like 75 degree weather and hot ass sun… with all black hair n eye makeup bumped into her some other part of the day… and there’s this new ride there called the dark knight (batman ride) & so when this kid bumped into her she’s all like “shit guys I just almost got knocked over by a dark knight!” lmao. wtf.

Anywho there’s my update…I’m gonna go get ready to pchat haha.

xox-Mee 🙂

Here’s a pic from yesterday- I swirled everyone’s faces because duh…who knows if they want this picture up here, haha.


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