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Waiting around


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I hate waiting around!

I’m waiting for these people to come clean the chimney and do an inspection between 1 & 3pm…then after that some people for the fire alarms are coming at about 3:30 to 4…so that takes up like…most of the nice noon time to go do anything!

I’m drinking some coffee and eating a cheesey egg. Meatball just walked up beside me looking at me like he’s getting some of it…he’s always coming near me when I have food. lol.

Hmm what else…tomorrow is another friend’s b-day…we’re going to an amusement part, but it’s not even going to be hot out & one of the friends is trying to insist we all bring swim suits to go on the water park rides there, which umm…68 degrees is not fuckin warm enough to freeze your ass off on water rides that are not even warm water in the first place…it’s all cold water- because it’s supposed to be hot when you’re there, lol. 68 is hardly “hot” weather. >_> I’m gonna have to wear pants and bring a sweater so I don’t freeze my ass off all day on windy roller coasters and whatever else as it is.

It’ll be warm in the sun I’m sure…in the sun if you’re not moving much haha. Humm…well, hopefully it’ll be fun anyway. Plus…this friend never has money to go anywhere & she’s always at home b/c she’s not supposed to leave except for work lol…so I’m sure she’s excited to hang out with everyone n junk 😀 We’re all pitching in for her ticket so it’s cheap to pay for her to go & more fun than a regular present really. I was thinking it’d have been more fun to not tell her where we’re going…but she has to get “clearance” to go anywhere so mehh ;/ At least she can go lol. I don’t go out much as it is so going there will be tons of fun…and something way different than what I normally do which is ummm…nothing really. I work, read, watch anime…lol…uhhh….that’s about it these days…with the occasional night out or day out I guess.

I always feel guilty taking a day off work even if it’s just sitting around the house. I feel like I could have been working or something & also like I’ll miss something while i’m gone. ho-hum. Whatever…I can ignore it for a day!

Well, I guess I’ll leave you with a random pchat picture…let me go through my gallery hehe. Ok it’s a fan sign pic…I’m getting a lil tan too these days. 🙂

xox-meee <33


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