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heyyy <3


By Valentina Valentine / 8 years ago / In: General ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

So i’m super stressed out! Well I paid my last rent check like a week ago, which was a great feeling, but now my lease is up and i have to get out of here! I’m moving out of the state, and I have until July 8th to technically be out of here, but I plan on being out of here by the end of the week because I’m just not happy here. Too many bad memories in this state. I just want to start over. I cannot wait.

But let me tell you. It’s so stressful moving. I can’t find someone to move my TV for me… I called UPS and they said I’d have to bring my TV down to their office and then they could ship it for me…?? Ummm.. if I could fit it in my car, wouldn’t it make sense that I would just bring the TV to where it needs to go myself?? Don’t they have those big brown trucks that come and pick up whatever your need to ship for you? That totally didn’t make sense to me and I’m getting really irritated.

I also have a ton of clothes I need to get back from people before i move but everyone is working and this and that… I just have SO much to do this week!! ahhhh… I’ll be much more relaxed next week when I’m out of here. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. I’ve lived in the same state my entire life (sad, i know lol), so this is an entirely new experience for me. I think it will be good for me.

Anyways, I might not be around that much on pchats this week just because of all of the chaos I’m dealing with now, but I’ll be around ALL the time once I’m moved in, and I do have my MChat on Wed. nite at 11PM EST, so don’t miss that!! mwah!! I’ll keep you updated <3

Like this:

  • Joe

    To me moving is the absolute worst thing ever.
    Its like you just wish it would all be done with…. but its not!

    you’re totally my fav model so I’ll be lookin forward to the aftermath of your carnage =]

  • Lee

    I hope everything went well.. Im finding myself in a similar situation now too… Been living in the same state my entire life and due to circumstances beyond my control, I have to move to another state… Problem is, I have to sell my house and preferrably buy a new place in the new state… or else face capital gains tax, which I dont want…

    Again, I hope after everything was said and done, u did ur thang and I hope u wish me the best too