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Absolutely Sweet Marie


By admin / 8 years ago / In: News ,




CWH Mod Brad got together with self proclaimed “International Crazy Girl” Marie for a little 1 on 1 time. Here’s what happened:

Brad: What is your nationality/background?
Marie: That’s a tough one. I grew up in Canada but I’m half Canadian and half German. My mom was born in Germany, and I moved here a few years ago and am a citizen through her. I feel like I’m kind of between worlds because while I feel closer to my German side a little bit, I definitely grew up in Canada (and my accent in German is so English!)

Brad: Best of both worlds for sure and I still believe that there’s something in those Canadian waters.
Marie: I think there is.

Brad: What got you interested in camming and how did you find CamWithHer?
Marie: I’m friends with Ashleigh from way back, and she started on CWH and was telling me about it, and I was totally intrigued. It just seemed like fun.
Brad: Well, we’re glad that she let you in on the secret.
Marie: Hehe.

Brad: How would you describe yourself?
Marie: I’m a lifelong learner. That’s pretty much all I can say!
Brad: Excellent attribute, soak up all things.

Brad: So what aspects of Europe do you enjoy the most? The art/culture? Food?
Marie: All of it! I came here for the culture mostly though. I love the fact that there is so much theater, music and art here.

Brad: Speaking of the art, list some of your favorite works if you don’t mind.
Marie: I really love the entire Musée d’Orsay in Paris. I’m a fan of impressionism. And ‘Die Musik’ by Klimt in Munich. And I love Tacheles in Berlin. It’s this cool arts community that was once a department store, then bombed in the war. It kind of stood as is on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall, then was occupied by squatter artists after the Wall came down. Eventually it became a legit arts buidling, and now houses studios, a cafe, a bar, a restaurant and even a movie theater.
Brad: Those are truly impressive works of art, especially with some of the graffiti art on the bus outside the Tacheles.
Marie: Yeah, that bus is actually the bar in the courtyard.
Brad: Haha sweet! The only bus you can drink on.
Marie: Haha you can drink on all buses in Germany.
Brad: Hahaha no way?!
Marie: Bus, street, park … public drinking is not illegal here.

MarieBrad: Rumor has it that you have a couple cool talents. Would you mind sharing those with the readers?
Marie: Well, I sing and play guitar, dance, and I also sew.
Brad: That’s pretty awesome. How long have you been playing guitar and singing?
Marie: I’ve been training at singing since I was 10, and playing guitar since I was 13 (but it doesn’t show). Oh yeah, and I’ve also been playing piano since I was 7! (I forgot because both my pianos are still in Canada so I never play anymore).
Brad: What are some of your favorite songs to play/sing?
Marie: Haha that’s a toughy. I’m not a serious guitar player and I just dabble in the classics, but for singing, I prefer jazz. Piano – I still mostly do classical. I love Chopin.
Brad: What a multifaceted lady… can sing, play an instrument and sew. What can’t you do??
Marie: Haha, well I never learned how to juggle.
Brad: Hehe. *Hands over 3 oranges*

Brad: What are some common misconceptions about you?
Marie: That I’m shy. I’m not really shy, I just choose my words and who I speak to more carefully.

Brad: What’s your favorite scent?
Marie: The ocean! I grew up by the ocean, and it’s the one thing I miss living here.

Brad: What is the strangest/funniest thing that has happened during your webcam career so far?
Marie: Getting recognized in public.
Brad: Really? Was it as random as you strolling down the street?
Marie: He actually came into my pchat room and said he saw me on the street when he was visiting my city.
Brad: Oh, wow. That has to be crazy.
Marie: Yeah, I was kind of creeped out, haha.
Brad: Haha, yeah i’d be creeped out too.

Brad: What’s the worst pick up line you have ever heard?
Marie: I have to say I haven’t really had anyone use a really bad one on me.
Brad: Hehe, what was one of the good ones?
Marie: I’m a big fan of ‘hi, I’m _____.’ Keep it simple.

Brad: Last question of the day – Where can we find you Marie (like which sites on the CWH network)?
Marie: You can find me on CamWithHer and NonNudeCams.
Brad: Thank you for your time.

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