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By Hayden / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General ,



Hey all! Hope you’re doing well! Well onto my blog haha..

Music is a very important part of my life. It motivates me, it helps me get through tough times, and it is good to shake my booty to. I listen to mainly Metal and Rock. But I do occasionally listen to some top hits as well. Some of my favorite bands/music artists are Christina Aguilera, Otep, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Pantera. Now I know Christina Aguilera is completely different from the others but I have just always been infatuated with her. I think she is beyond talented, beautiful, absolutely sexy, and just someone I very much look up to. Otep, is a bad ass metal band and the lead singer is actually a woman. And she is hot. There music really gets me going, no matter what I am doing if I am listening to them I am in a zone and will be that much better at whatever it is I am doing. Now onto Korn. There music is SO GOOD to dance to, seriously. If you ever do a private chat with me I assure you Korn is on my play list. And there music is AMAZING sex music! Marilyn Manson, his music is also such sex music. I absolutely love to dance to his music. His voice is so sexy, and he is someone I would love to talk to one day and see what is really going on in his mind. He just seems beyond fascinating to meet. Rob Zombie is another bad ass. He makes fucking awesome movies (I am a horror movie fiend!), and his music is amazing. He knows how to make good music, thats for damn sure. Now, Pantera. Pantera is a CLASSIC, RIP Dimebag Darrell, all of there music is beyond sexy and just the guitar alone in it makes my day. 

Hehe, I thought you would like to know more about me, so this is my little “bloggy blog” about my music preferences. Next time, I will talk about my favorite movies and why they are my favorite movies. So.. until then, have a good one!

PS. Here is one recent picture of me, that I am sure you boobie lovers will enjoy. 😉


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