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Gosh…what to write…


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I just sat here for about five minutes thinking of all the crap I could/should/would write here.  Hahaha.

I dunno why I hear people outside at like 2:35 a.m….stupid teens outta school outside effing around late at night I bet lol.  Annoyinggggg.  I’m gonna go close my window…brb.  K back.

Sooo…yeah.  I’ve been in a slump lately & veryyyy unproductive.  I hate feeling like this ;/  It’s easy to get to feeling this way when you go for a long time trying your hardest at stuff and not doing so great, eventually I personally will get into a weird slumpy mood where I give up for a while…and I think that’s pretty rightfully earned…Idk lol.  I need to snap out of it and get back on track.

Also, it’s summertime now pretty much.  More things to do & esp now that I live so close to my friends and soo close to the main areas where stuff is I can pretty much go and do anything which’s bad for me if I expect to be all buckle down and working like I normally am.  It’s too easy to become distracted with things going on now that I can actually easily go out and do stuff with everyone.

So last night I went on a last minute party bus excursion lol…I’d never been on a “party bus” before.  I gotta say the whole “party it up/get trashed and be crazy” thing isn’t really for me…but I was with friends who are similar to me, so they weren’t being psycho like some of the ppl were who came with.  Which was good.

So I had some fun times…made some new friends…got hit on by some people I was not interested in, who I was extremely short/bitchy with, I would figure they’d get the hint when I don’t even look at them when they talk, and I answer whatever they say without looking at them even… but I guess some people just don’t notice?!  I’ll say thanks to a compliment if the person seems nice buttt…if they walk up and start trying to just hit on me…and it’s sooo obvious and lame…I’m just like…haha…imma go over here now thanksss…creeppyyyyy…

Well, I’m about to go to bed 🙂  I’ve made some delicious iced tea anddd I want to get up earlyish tomorrow and get out of my need to work slump. 🙁  I haveee toooo- have to -can not-not do it!!!  I can’t let myself slack >=(  I’m not a slacker!  I’ve never been & don’t need to start now I tell u what!

Ok, night nighty night time…ttyl.

xox-meee <333

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