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By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Didgeridoo Didgeridoo Didgeridoo

Say that 5 times fast. So yes Ive been ranting and raving about this musical instrument and I finally ordered one! I cannot wait til I get it! Silly me has been practicing playing already. Yes I practice playing a didgeridoo and I dont even have one! How funny is that! Hehe. Well what you do is pretend your holding a long narrow piece of wood and blow into it….wait wait are we playing music here!! LOL. You pervs!!

But yeah I cannot wait to get it. Then Ill put my hair into dreads, get some tribal tattoos and piercings in odd places, gauges in my ears, tongue, lower lip..I dunno what Im talking about. Its my alter ego speaking.

How I found out about didges is thru an Incubus song…I was like what the heck is that sound? Sounds different/cool. Then I watched the music video and I was like hmm a long tube makes this cool psychedellic sound that makes me feel like Im walking in a tunnel on rollerskates trying to balance a book on my head…NEATO!! I need me one! Hehe. Then Brandon Boyd (the yummy lead singer) brings out this other instrument. Its a drum but dont you dare called it the bongos!! Oh they hate that!! Haha well I dunno if they do, but I can imagine they wouldnt like ppl to not know the proper name of the instrument. So this instrument Im speaking of is called the djembe. I might get one after I mastered the didge. 😉

Heres what a djembe is:

Like this: