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My own island


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So lately Ive been dreaming about Hawaii. I miss it! 🙁 Why? Cause when I was there – no worries! I remember laying on the beach with the cool breeze in my face, sipping on a mai tai (shh) and listening to Bob Marley….umm what can be better than that!!? LOL! (Well if my dogs were there it would be way better! Hehe.) Not that Im stressed out right now, its just nice to be soo carefree and have no worries. The only thing Id have to worry about is…hmm hope the water is warm, or hope the sun comes out haha.

But yeah I saw an uninhabited island there. I think I will own it one day. Population – me. Oh wait that will be boring and lonely! Hahaha. Well Ill go there with my closest friends to hang out and unwind. Oh and since this is so far fetched and a fantasy, my friends and I can fly there whenever we wanted to. And no I didnt mean flying in a plane, I mean just flying like Superman. ;D Itll take us only 30 minutes, I mean I can say 15 minutes, but we would like to hover above the blue seas for a while and just embrace the beauty while we reflect.


K back into reality. I have some business plans I need to take care of. I have to redo my biz cards, decorate my massage studio and some other stuff like that. Oi…

*fantasizes about island again ;D

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