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1:03 p.m.


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



That’s what time it is right now.

I’m sitting here in my cam room, it’s dark because it’s rainy & thundery & stormy outside…tornado warning…blah blah blah.  I just ate some eggs & pancakes, they were alright…nothing special though.

Sometimes I just sit here and space out trying to think of what I should do or should be doing, then I feel overwhelmed at the amount of preparation it’ll take to even begin to do something, and I’ll sit here for awhile loner lol.  It’s a vicious circle!!!  I guess I should drink some coffee if I expect to actually be able to do anything at all in the day.  Otherwise I’ll just get tired and take a nap.  I guess I’ll go put some coffee on in a sec. so it can make itself while I write the rest of this blog…soo…brb!

Alright back. That took about ohh…five minutes.

So I’m sitting here in my dark room with a pink furry blanket…looking around…I have a lot of stuff to get organized still from moving, there’s a huge pink peony in an orange vase on my shelve to the left.  I call them ant bushes because ants are attracted to them.  Oh by the way- my back yard at night is like a june bug war zone, lol.  I can’t go out there unless I don’t mind getting hit in the face with a few june bugs or stepping on some.  They’re attracted to the back yard light which’s conveniently by the sliding doors, so if the door is open, they’ll try to fly at the light and fly in the house instead.  How exciting.

Anyway, back to the ant bushes…they’re pretty.  I’ve always kinda liked them…even though ants are annoying.  I’m hoping that they will attract all the ants to them and not to the house, because ants are an annoying pest to see around the house & I don’t want them in here.

There’s a dog toy chewed up in my room here on the floor, my sister’s dog takes my dog’s toys and chews them up, rips out the stuffing and the squeaker, and then leaves them there. lol. There’s stuffing balls strewn on the floor and down the hall way a bit.  I’m pretty sure that toy is dead enough to leave alone now. haha.

I finally got a full length mirror again, but I sort of don’t like it because it’s the type that stretches/elongates you and doesn’t let you see how you really look…and it makes me look super skinny and unshapely with no butt or boobs…just like long and skinny.  I don’t like it because I’ll try to see how my pants or something looks and all I see is like a rail and I’m like hellz no these pants smash my ass or is that the mirror?  Do I really look like that ewww…  Then I have to go look in another one to see that it actually looks cute, and my ass doesn’t look flat & it still looks round and nice… and I don’t look like deathscrawn2008.  god.  Why can’t all mirrors be the same.

I have a headache…my coffee is still making itself over in the kitchen.  I can’t hear things happening in this house like I could at my old place.  I can’t hear the kitchen appliances working on things really…I can’t hear the living room tv if I have the door in here closed…that type of stuff.  I can’t even hear a person in the other room yelling something to me lol.  weirddd.  I suppose it’s good.

Well, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell right now.  So…what do I have to look forward to?  I dunno…hmm.  My birthday is july 31st.  That’s swell.  I’ll be 25!  How exciting!  All this rain is making me feel depressed.  Then again, even when it’s sunny and warm I’ll still probably feel depressed because I’m just not happy at the moment still.  Oh well…it can’t be like that forever now can it?!  On that second job thing…I still don’t know.  I may do it, I may not.  Depends how the next week or so proves to be on pchats, that will determine weather I need to go do something else or not.  That’s why I said we’ll see.  So…we’ll see!

Anyway, I got off track…so what do I have to look forward to lol.  I haveee…some work to get done…my bday not too far away I guesss…that second job maybe which’s not anything to look forward to or that I want but it’ll be a change so that’s something I suppose…and of course…crap, I lost my train of thought again.  wtf.  I don’t know haha.  I already said the work, and the second job…but what I was actually trying to write out was umm…well let’s see here, summer’s here pretty much…that’s nice.  I guess I look forward to bbq’s..friends…going out maybe…OH that’s it!  I was going to say I’m thinking of starting up my improv classes again…yeah, since I live close now to where they have it…before I lived like, an hour and a half drive and it was the dead of winter and it was hellish trying to go there (it was down town) try to park and walk all the way etc. god that sucked!  I ended up not going because it was just way too inconvenient with work etc. too.  Now I live close and provided I just cam I could definitely start that back up again.  I know sometimes people think I seem all funny & not serious, and some people think I seem too serious and just never “fun”.  I guess it depends who you are and whatnot to know how I really am.

Ok, coffee’s done…I’m ditching y’all for that.  Peace out!

xox-Mee <33 🙂

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