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You knowwww…


By Jenn / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I am really running out of patience with people & just life in general lately.  lol.

I don’t know.  Sometimes I just want to give up on everything and stop trying (No, that doesn’t mean I want to die and quit life, I just mean like…other things).  I feel like that’s all I ever do, is try…and it gets repetitive and also gets me nowhere.  I don’t even mean one aspect of things I mean like, almost everything you could think of that is in someone’s life…all of it is like that unfortunately.  Nothing is ever going how I’d like it to…and no matter how I try to get it to- it just won’t!  I’m sort of just at the point now where I don’t care which way anything goes, lol.  I’ll get by either way obviously!

I try too hard to be so frustrated ya know?  I’m just gonna stop and let things fall where they may I guess.

I am debating getting another job, since things are rough for me lately.  We’ll see about that though.  I could use another job though for reals…I know it’ll mean less time around cwh…but it just might have to at the rate I’m going lol.  Saddd but trueeee.  I guess we’ll see though…maybe everything will go well and then I won’t be getting the other job, we’ll see…we’ll seeeeee.  I could use some time out at another job though…liven things up and whatnot…change up the routine and forget about other things while I go work out in the real world here and there lol.  Might be nice.

I already go out and stuff now that I live closer to my friends, but that isn’t a good enough amount of changing anything up from being home all the time for me.  Especially since all I do at home is be bored or work and nothing else that’s fun lol.  Why be home then right?!  I could go out and work at the least.  That’s what I think. :p  I can post on the forums whenever I’m pchatting, so that’s ok too 🙂  I’m just unhappy being at home all the time, except when I’m working…there’s nothing here for me lol.  Xcept my doggies, I don’t even talk to friends or anything while I’m “at home relaxing”…mostly only when I go out and see them…so I don’t need to have time at home for that either.  I feel like I should be more busy working more so I can do more though.  Maybe like a workaholic, wake up to go to work and then work while I’m at home too…never be bored that way I guess…and I think it’d be quite productive.  I’ll see…sounds good right now though!  I know it would cut into my forum posting time massively…but I don’t think I need that much forum time anyway lol.  Forum time while pchatting or when I get a spare minute is probably best I think :).  Even though I DO like being on them a lot.  haha.

I don’t know…just rambling off some thoughts & ideas for myself here.  Meatball is laying in his dog bed looking oh soo cuuteee. hehe.

Well, I’m going to go to bed…I’ve sat here long enough already.

xox-Meee 🙂 <333

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