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By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



   I’ve been lacking in my blogs!!! Its been a big month for me, i was going to cam.. but my landlords here, so this was the perfect moment to blog 🙂 Lets talk about “May”

    I got a puppy!! Her name is chi chi (from dragon ball lol) shes a cutie <3 I havent been to the gym lately, I hate leaving her at home alone. I have to start going though because I have to work at a stag comming up and I dont want to be the fat one lol. Chi chi’s doing good, shes learned to give me her paw and stay YAY!!! Shes really hyper, I cant wait to get her spayed.. so that she becomes lazy. I find her to be the perfect dog because she never barks, shes soooooooooooo good!

There she is with my kisses 😛

       Now my parents are incredibly depressing and boring lol, so my brother suggested that we get them some pets… so we bought them 2 jack russels. I had to get two dogs because there were two left and I hate separating brother and sister, so I asked my brother why dont we get both and the store owner heard that and offered a deal. He shaved 200 from the price and we took them both. Now my parents and I dont get along… im not a fan of them, but I have to admit.. its good to see them happy!

There Shepa and Te Te… lol @ they’re potuguese names

       As for right now, im getting annoyed with weddings,  have too many right now to go too. Its just not the wedding, but the bridal shower, Bachloretter, stags and the wedding. I have 5 to go to this summer, its taking a lot of my time and money. It was 6… but I may have to drop out of one because of schedule. Im going to be doing a stag and needed 4 girls, so I asked around and got this girl who was really pretty. I didnt recognise her, but she knew me and it clicked. I told her that she needs to be 18 and shes like “Yeah I turn 18 next year, so whens the party and where?” Is she stupid?? lol. She cant go ha ha ha!

      Well I’ll be on cam in a bit 😛 I missed being on cam… I’ve been voiceless for awhile and my throat is in less pain, but still hurts 🙁 boooooo lol


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