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my life … updated.


By Valentina Valentine / 8 years ago / In: General ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

heyyy everyone! it’s been forever since i’ve posted!! i’ve been kinda stressed out… i’m thinking about relocating. i’ve lived in the same state my entire life and it’s just so boring. i feel like there’s nothing here for me anymore. i have an aunt i can live with who has a huge apartment in her basement… doors leading out to a beautiful inground pool… they also have a gym. AND they wouldn’t make me pay rent… so i think when my lease on this apartment is up in about a month or so i’m going to relocate to there because there’s no way im renewing this lease. i woke up the other morning to my landlord talking about getting a colonoscopy… yuck!! i just can’t deal anymore.

so i think the best decision for me would be to leave the state, start fresh, meet some new people (be honest with them about my job… i’m tired of not being able to tell people what i do) and hopefully ultimately be happier. also, not having to pay rent, it will be a great way to help me really get my feet on the ground, save up some money, make some investments and really get ahead.

hmm what else is new? i got my lip pierced.. as most of you know. i posted some pics in the forums. some of you didn’t like it but i looove it. only problem is, it’s still healing. the healing process is really slow and it’s kind of irritating. i also keep biting it when i’m eating which isn’t too fun. once it’s all healed though and i get used to it, it will be hot. i’ve had just about everything pierced except for my lip!

alrite, well i’m going to¬† bed so i can get up early and cam tomorrow since i haven’t been around much lately. miss u all!! xoxo!!

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  • BryanC8

    Hi, Little Angel!, sometimes is better change of places, travel for have a new perspective of the life and our way; it’s perfect when not these tied to something or someone, it can be an exciting trip, as they say, which it does not risk does not win.

    I like your piercing, really it heightens your mouth and it does mas desirable your lips, be careful.

    See you later and GOOD LUCK.

    I also will seek for my opportunity…