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By MIA / 8 years ago / In: General ,



hey ba bays!

so my girlfriend that went away on her disney internship..totally gets a discount and free passees! im so geeked! iw ish i coudl bring schweetie lol but im sure she would freak with all those ppl. I babysat on sat night and the girls were halarious! I brought them back to my apt to play with the Kitty (all little girls love cats) lol and schweetie scratched the SHIT out of my hand trying to get away from them. They just wanted to pet her! im sure they are a little rough but they are just kids. I was mad at her! haha i still am. my palm has bloody streaks on it (dried of course but still gross I  know)

I was just making a list for what i needed at the store and i totally forgot like everything I was thinking about…i was hoping this would jog my memory and It didnt. I got toilet bowl cleaner….thats it lol I had like 4 more items I really didnt want to forget and GAHH I just did!! haha

dont forget my Mchat tomrorrow night!

9pm EASTERN my site dont be late ; )

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