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Soooo yeah


By Jenn / 9 years ago / In: General ,




I know I probably always seem happy butttt that’s because I just act like it most of the time.  lol.

Well, Usually I’m not in a very good or happy mood, but it’s not really my fault I guesssss….I’m just not in a happy place most of the time, I try to be, but it doesn’t really happen/work out that way.  Oh well.

Anyway, I had an alright day today.  I went with my friends to the beach & drank all day long.  It was pretty fun times. 🙂  Took some pics, my friends got some dorks to pay for drinks for them…guess it was alright lol.  I wasn’t really up for hanging with the guys/dorks, but whatev… I guess they were harmless and I was drinkin so I didn’t really mind.  On the way home some self righteous  old guy was acting like a dick on the bus back to the train, talkin bout how he didn’t drop anything and how he always picks up ppls trash or whatever the eff…all anyone was trying to do was make sure he didn’t drop or lose something of his own, but he replied like a bitter asshole saying hell no I didn’t drop shit Im sick of ppls trash blah blah blah goddamnit this n that!  I was just like loollll…Ok then douchebag!  shit!  Remind everyone not to ask if you dropped anything next time!!

And… on the way home on the train, some girl was getting off and a group of guys were making fun of her as she walked off the train saying something about “witchyo beat up k-swiss” lol..I was like wtf that’s so rude!  I knew they were gonna say shit when all us girls got off so of course when they did, they said something like “watch out now girls…blah blah” I didn’t quite catch it all b/c I was quick to be loud and obnoxious back and I was like “WHOA WHOA WATCH OUT NOW GUYS, WATCH OUT!!!! LETS SEE WHO CAN BE THE MOST LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS DOUCHEBAG ON THE TRAIN WATCH OUT NOW!!!”  lol…they didn’t say anything after that & it was pretty funny to me. ;p  Stupid a holes.

On the fun side, It was warm out, but kinda cold by where we were, but it was fun.  I’ll probably go back like every other weekend maybeee…during the summer that is at least.  Kinda like a mini vacation or something I guess but not really.  Lots of diff ppl around.  I think our waitress liked me lol.  The sun was hot but the wind was cold actually ;/  Oh wells.  It’ll warm up I’m sure as summer goes on!

Ok, that’s it for now.

xox-mee 🙂 <333

Well, that’s pretty much my day in a nut shell.  I got no pics to share because they would be too revealing as to where I am, but it was a fun day all in all.  I should probably drink some water so I don’t feel like crap later on though I guess.  Well, Ttyl!

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