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A little update on me


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Well, I’m finally moved in. I haven’t been around much and that’s why…I’ve been busy moving and getting settled in etc. I finally am done, but my net here seems to be odd, and only works right for pchats during the later hours of the night/early morning…which I haven’t been awake during lately…so I haven’t been able to be on much…I’m planning to get on tonight providing the speeds are acceptable to work with haha…we’ll see bout that. I’m having new net installed on wed. so that should fix this problem (this is new net here too, but it’s just not the right type for the area apparently b/c it gets messed with too much with everyone having the same one in this area and whatever…so yeah)

Anyway, just had to let you know why I haven’t been able to be on pchats lately…just been a lil busy and trying to get my net sorted out and working right like it was before…so for now I have to deal with this crappy net but it’ll be fixed asap hopefully that will work! I’ll try to get on pchats later if the speeds are coming up good enough to use on pchats…otherwise if they aren’t, I won’t be able to b/c it’ll be too slow for me to work with and my cam feed won’t be right 🙁

Well, that’s about it for now. ttyl.

xox-Mee <333

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