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Oh.. what a morning!!


By Camilia / 8 years ago / In: General ,



OMG, ya’ll… I totally have to rant today!!! IT is only 10:17… and I am totally stressed. First of all, I had an appt. this morning between 8 and 10 for my internet provider to upgrade my bandwidth, replace my modems and such… well… my alarm does not go off and of course, this is the one time that the internet people actually decide to show up earlier than later and they got here like at 8:10pm… I wake up around 8:30 and found out that i have missed them. So, call and rescedule, right… well, that is what I was trying to do… they were saying that they would have to come back tomorrow, even though it is still in my orginal appt.s time frame… and I am like I have a doct. appt tomorrow can they please get back today…., so the women I am talking to says that she will call the people in my area to check… get this… while I am on hold… something falls off of my counter top onto the power surge thing my phone is hooked up to and shuts it down… ending my phone call… I am about pissed off at this time…. so I call back and am talking with another service person and when I get put on hold with that guy… the orginal person I spoke with calls back and tells me the internet provider person will try to be here before 4pm…. and I am like thank you and crap at the same time. Because I over slept… i am not stuck at my house all day waiting to see if the internet service person can make it over again… I hope my day gets better… it kind of sucks right now!!

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